You shouldn´t miss visiting Germany
Jun 17th 2018

Due to its rich history and the diversified nature you should visit Germany at least once (better several times 🙂 ). You´ll find beautiful (fairy tale) castles, medieval cities, a wide range of national parks, romantic river valleys, hills, mountains, a coastline with a length of more than 1000 kilometres with lots of terrific beaches, […]

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Germany – landscape diversity as its best
Jun 11th 2018

The landscape of Germany is very varied, from the peaks of the Alps in the south to the low-lying areas of flatland at the 1,200 km of coastlines at the Baltic and North Seas in the north. Between these extremes you find highlands, rolling hills, lowlands and beautiful lakes and rivers, which can be experienced […]

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Germany is a federation
Jun 1st 2018

Germany lies at the heart of Europe and shares its borders with nine other nations. No other European country has more neighbours. In the north, Germany has access to the North and Baltic Seas. In the south it borders on the Alps. At 2,962 meters the Zugspitze in Bavaria is its highest peak. At 3.54 […]

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Spanish students designed a drone to combat the tiger mosquito!
May 30th 2018

Some students of La Malvesia Vocational School have developed a prototype drone to combat a common pest, the tiger mosquito, through biological control in order to reduce the application of chemical pesticides in the environment. First, we have had a training course which helped teachers and students to learn how to create a new drone. This […]

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LEGAL EAGLE – road to legalisation

After the very successful “May in Strasbourg” meeting of European Green VET students in Erstein (near Strasbourg, FR), the next milestone event in the history of EUROPEA was the reunion of COE (ComitĂ© d’organisation d’EUROPEA) members in Edinburgh (GB), which took place between 28-31 October 1992. The triumph of the Erstein meeting lead to the […]

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May 20th 2018

Let us introduce you to Alter VET Agricultural School, from Portugal. Located near the town of Alter do ChĂŁo, in beautiful Alentejo region, this school has a long relationship with agriculture, particularly with horse management. Last month, they held the “IV. Agricultural Fair of EPDRAC”, carried out in partnership with Alter do ChĂŁo Town Council […]

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Forestry contest with neighbours!
May 14th 2018

In Kaunas, Lithuania took place 54th Baltic forestry schools students contest. Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences organized the amazing and various competition. Five forestry skills were passed in the competition. The skills were combination shuffle, precision sawing, lowering, grinding and orientation on the forestry path. The first position in the whole contest gained Ralf Elfenbein […]

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EPAMAC no.1(!)

High above the magnificent city of Porto hidden in the mountains EPAMAC Green VET School – ranked no.1 (!) among the agricultural training centres in Portugal – is original, unique, nothing like you’d expect. It has a character and an irresistible charm just like the country, Portugal itself. Take the intricate network of highways from […]

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Skills Festival in Estonia
May 9th 2018

Skills Festival “Young Master” took place on 3rd and 4th of May 2018 in Tallinn. Among 31 different skills students from EUROPEA Estonia schools where competing in floristry and landscaping skills. Lots of different workshops and entertainment programs were arranged during the Skill Festival. Information about Estonian vocational schools and learning opportunities were presented to […]

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Back to Normandy!

FLASHBACK – 2018 EUROPEA Seminar FR/UK This time we will take you to two great sights that the EUROPEAns visited TOGETHER (!!) in April as part of our regular spring seminar 2018. The Mont Saint Michel Dam During the FR/UK Seminar this spring we had a chance to enjoy a guided tour to the dam […]

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May 7th 2018

5-12 May 2018, Ettelbruck (LU) CARREFOUR – started in 1988 – is still going strong!  Partners are currently in Luxembourg, staying at Camping Fuussekaul near Ettelbruck – the town of EUROPEA school LTA, one of our founding institutions and the only Green VET Centre in the Grand Duchy. With the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Project STEP […]

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