Ready, Steady … Cook!

Students from Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug are the winners of an international cooking competition.

Our students Tino P. and Florian M. (housekeeping department) won an international cooking competition, which was organized by our Polish partner vocational school in Pszczyna on 19th March 2018. Nine teams from 4 countries (Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and Poland) created different chicken dishes. Piotr Polak, head chef of the restaurant “Kameralna” in Pszczyna, was the chairman of the jury who evaluated the organization, the processing, the working hygiene, the content of ingredients and the taste. The dish of the winning team was “Stuffed chicken on braised vegetables with duchess potatoes”. A team from Pszczyna won the second place (“Crazy chicken”) and another Polish team (“Spicy chicken”) and the Czech team (“Bolek´s and Lolek´s surprise”) came in on the third place.

Congratulations to all participants for the great results. The cooking competition will be continued next year as the organizers said.



Learning On and Off the Land

MEDION Digital Camera

Besides EUROPEA another network is quite active in the green sector: The ENTER network. ENTER is an European association of educational institutions in the field of teacher training for secondary and higher vocational schools in the green sector. The network was founded in 2002 after merging the former Western and Eastern networks (REIFEA and IPAC) in agricultural (teacher) education.

ENTER wants to support the improvement of teaching and learning processes in agricultural rural and environmental education, develop and promote teaching methods and strategies and impulse innovation in the agricultural training system. Therefore it organizes scientific and thematic study meetings, student teachers and trainers exchanges and different projects (for further information have a look at:

The members of ENTER come from 14 different European countries and Russia.

From April 25th to 27th, 2018, the German member of ENTER, the division for Agricultural and Horticultural Education at Humboldt University Berlin, is going to host the ENTER STUDY DAYS, which take place every 2 years. The topic of this years´meeting is “Learning On and Off the Land”. The participants of this meeting will explore various approaches of learning on (nature) and off (classroom) the land that reflect all the specifications and peculiarities that are characteristic for the land-based professions and fields of research. A particular emphasis will be laid on the topic of inclusion and social cohesion in in-school and out-of-school learning in all fields of the green sector.

The General Secretary of EUROPEA, Elisabeth Hönigsberger, will give a lecture on “Building self-efficacy by opening the classroom – combining steadiness with challenging situations” in the plenary session. EUROPEA wishes a good and successful conference.

Postscripts from the 2nd AgrOlympics

On 10th  January 2018 the winners of the 2nd AgrOlympics in Germany, the team from Switzerland -Loïc Rollier (NE), Luc Desmeules (VD), Mathieu Petignat (JU) und Yanis Sarrasin (VS) with their teamleader Hervé Fruh, teacher at the agricutural school Agrilogie – were awarded during the Swiss Expo in Lausanne. Pictures and more information from the ceremony can be found under the following link:

In November/December 2017 all the teams of the 2nd AgrOlympics were asked to fill in a questionnaire in order to evaluate the competition. We got 24 answers, thank you very much for your participation. The overwhelming majority was (very) satisfied with the event and would tell their students to participate again in such a competition. Most of the replies expressed that AgrOlympics shall take place every year and more than half said there should be mixed teams of girls and boys. The most favourite disciplines mentioned were changing the wheels of a tractor and tractor skill driving. Almost all were very enthusiastic and told us that it was a great event for the students and teachers which has to be continued. So let´s meet again this summer, many thanks to EUROPEA Portugal for taking over the 3rd AgrOlympics!!!!

LACAP – Comparing Agricultural production in Partner Schools

Four vocational schools located in Benešov (CZ), Aarhus (DK), Region Halland (SWE) and Norwich (UK) have been involved in this ERASMUS+ project since September 2016.

To reach the aim a student company was established in each of the partner schools consisting of a group of students each of them working at an appropriate position. The activities of the companies are monitored by teachers of vocational subjects and practical training. Each of the companies uses a one-hectare plot of arable land for growing a set farm crop (wheat). The students produce the crop on their fields and compare the ways of growing in detail – tillage operations, used machinery, seeds, fertilizers, crop protection methods, harvesting, yields, costs and loss or profit. The experiences have been presented and discussed at three meetings so far.

The project objectives are the improvements of knowledge and skills concerning agricultural education and improvements of teaching methods in the European framework by means of comparison of methods and techniques used during a concrete crop growing (best training practices). The output of this project will be presented in a final brochure.