Forestry contest with neighbours!

In Kaunas, Lithuania took place 54th Baltic forestry schools students contest. Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences organized the amazing and various competition. Five forestry skills were passed in the competition. The skills were combination shuffle, precision sawing, lowering, grinding and orientation on the forestry path. The first position in the whole contest gained Ralf Elfenbein from Luua Forestry School. High positions were also achieved on single skills by Luua students.

Next year the Baltic Forestry student contest will take place in Orge, Latvia.

After some time successful Luua Forestry School team can be seen in Hungary, in EUROPEA Forestry Competition.

Congratulations and good luck for the EUROPEA contest!


Katrin Uurman (EE)

Source: Toomas Kelt, Contest summary and photos.


Skills Festival in Estonia

Skills Festival “Young Master” took place on 3rd and 4th of May 2018 in Tallinn. Among 31 different skills students from EUROPEA Estonia schools where competing in floristry and landscaping skills. Lots of different workshops and entertainment programs were arranged during the Skill Festival. Information about Estonian vocational schools and learning opportunities were presented to the potential visitors who showed interest in the activities. Additionally, there were career counselors, employers, practitioners, various experts and professional associations who presented their experiences as well as gave an overview on the innovation in their fields to the participants. This event truly represented the real spirit of vocational education!

During the two-day competition, students from Räpina School of Horticulture and Luua Forestry School took part in floristry and landscaping skill competition. At the end of the day, winners were announced. Best skilled florists and landscapers are studying in Räpina School of Horticulture.

Congratulation to all the winners as well as the participants! 🙂


Photographed by Kalle Toom


More photos:
First day: gallery 1; gallery 2
Second day: gallery


Katrin Uurma (EE)

It’s time to…

It’s time to conclude the campaign Month of Estonia as it is the last day of April. There are still many-many things and stories we wanted to share about our country. However, you are always welcomed to visit us, see all by yourself and Be Part of Estonian Spirit! Thank you for being with us, for following our stories and doings.

But before April turns to May and Portugal takes over, we want to share with you EUROPEA Estonia’s highlights from September 2017.

EUROPEA family was gathered in Estonia to participate in an EUROPEA conference “From Rural to Digital”. To relive this amazing memory please visit the website and you’ll see how everything you felt, saw and experienced rolls out again!


You know where to come!

Welcome to ESTONIA and Be Part of Estonian Spirit!


The Month of Estonia started with the Singing Celebration. Now we finish our month with the Dance Celebration. These events have not only kept the spirits of small nation alive but instilled a new enthusiasm for doing even more.


Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator
leader of the campaign “Month of an EUROPEA Member State”

Open Farm Day

Estonia’s 4th Open Farm Day will take place on 22 July 2018. A large number of farms and agricultural producers invite everybody to visit them.

You will be welcome to visit large and small farms, see amazing animals and plants, farm machines and new technologies, taste real country food, participate in excursions, workshops, and many other exciting events. Each farm has its own programme demonstrating its special features.

Come to the countryside and see how Estonian food grows! 🙂

The Open Farm Day is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Rural Affairs, Agricultural Research Centre, and Järva County Open Farms.

* Take your time while visiting a farm
* Take a great mood with you
* Follow the instructions of the hosts
* Keep the time schedule in mind
* Have some cash with you
* If it rains, take rubber boots and raincoats with you
* Leave your pets at home to keep them and farm animals safe
* Be interested and ask questions from hosts
* Enjoy your day! 🙂


Watch the video and get an overview about the 1st Open Farm Day in Estonia at 2015.


Welcome to Estonia! Welcome to our farms on 22nd of July 2018! 


Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator