Students demonstrated gardening skills at the competition “Young Gardener 2016”


Photographed by Kalle Toom

In Tartu, Gardening students demonstrated their vocational skills during the biggest agricultural exhibition “Maamess 2016” on 21st of April. Four teams from Estonian vocational schools (Räpina School Of Horticulture, Luua Forestry School, Kopli Vocational School of Tallinn, Hiiumaa Vocational School) and three guest participant teams where representing Ernst-Benary-School from Germany and Bulduri Gardening School from Latvia.
Competition areas were as follow:

  • knowledge of plants,
  • grafting,
  • building a flower tower according to the plan, using specified materials and plants
  • building a watering system,
  • trimmer nylon rolling.

All tasks had to be perform at a predetermined period of time.

Team from Räpina School of Horticulture won the competition while team from Luua Forestry School gained the 2nd position and team Bulduri Gardening School was 3rd place winner.

Competition organizers, Foundation INNOVE and Räpina School of Horticulture thank all the participants!

More pictures from the competition

Next Young Gardeners competition will take place in Tartu at 20th of April, 2017.

COP 21: The Paris Agreement

COP21_-_CC_SurfnicoRecently, Paris has hosted 21st UN talks (COP21) on climate change, to tackle global warming and to curb emissions.

After two weeks of discussions – involving negotiators from 195 countries – envoys agreed on 12th of December an international accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions that marks a turning point in more than 20 years of efforts to prevent dangerous levels of global warming. The final goal of Paris Agreement is to keep the average global temperature increase to below 2° C compared to pre-industrial revolution levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C.

To meet these targets, countries should aim to reach a “global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions” as soon as possible and “achieve a balance between anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of greenhouse gases in the second half of this century”.

First time this new pact requires virtually every country in the world to set out its plans to prevent climate change every 5 years. Hopefully, the coming generations will look back and thank us for our combined efforts to protect our planet by creating sustainable, renewable development resources.

A video about the agreement.

The Paris Agreement can be fount here



European Student Championship in Forestry Skills


14th European Student Championship in Forestry Skills 2015 will be held on 20th to 24th of May at Luua Forestry School in Estonia.

It’s a great pleasure to invite you to the competition. Registration to the event is open till 16th of March, 2015. Estonia is looking forward to welcoming many teams from all across the Europe.

You will find more information about the competition from TeamEngine and on the official website.

Räpina School of Horticulture found 1000 friends

Just before the commencement of Teacher’s Day on 3rd of October 2015, best teachers, students and projects in education were acknowledged by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Project of the year in Education was attributed this year to a vocational school. Räpina School of Horticulture claimed the award for a plant project “1000 friends”. The project “1000 friends” is a worthy project trough general educational schools and kindergartens  which offered training close to nature and popularised environmental friendliness all over Estonia. The project involved exploring and discovering through individual contribution. The project activities generated interest towards plants and to value pure environment. Students learned how to take care and propagate plants.

About 1000 groups of students were participating from all over Estonia, creating a big virtual network. Students had option to develop creativity, test their ingenuity and to collaborate with their classmates throughout the project to improve teamwork. The project included e-learning elements: weekly web-based quiz, learning videos and guides as well as blog raports.

Project team members are thankful to all participants and supporters.

Photographed by Maanus Kullamaa, Silver Gutmann

Photographed by Maanus Kullamaa, Silver Gutmann


Source: Ministry of Education and Research


Vocational Competitions in Estonia

Photographed by Kristjan Lust

Photographed by Kristjan Lust

On 26th of September 2015, International Students Ploughing Competition took place in Estonia. The competition area was to do straw ploughing. 27 young participants from seven European countries (including Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia and United Kingdom) competed to show their skills.  Picutres about the ploughing competition.

At the same time, a Traditional Marmalade and Local Food Fair was in full swing. About 4 000 people attended to this fair. Pictures about the event.

Both events where organised by Olustvere School of Service and Rular Economics.

Next ploughing competition and marmalade Fair will be held on 24th of September 2016. Welcome to Estonia!