Official announcement – Agrolympics will come again!

On 1st March 2017 the Saxon Minister of Agriculture, Thomas Schmidt, officially announced in a press conference that the 2nd European Agrolympics will be held in Burgstaedt from 28th September to 1st October 2017. After welcoming the guests and the media Gerd Alscher, headmaster of the Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug, NC of EUROPEA Germany, introduced this competition by presenting facts and pictures about EUROPEA and from the first Agrolympics in Luxembourg. The Minister said that he has been very pleased about this initiative and that his Ministry decided to support this event financially. As he said the Agrolympics will fit very well in the Saxon Thanksgiving Celebration which will take place in Burgstaedt at the same weekend. In his opinion such a competition is an excellent way to show the public how interesting, attractive and varied the agricultural work is. He expressed his hope that young people will get more interested in learning an agricultural profession after seeing the different teams competing in these challenging “Olympic” games. Thomas Schmidt agreed in taking over the patronage of the 2nd Agrolympics and said that he will be very happy to welcome the teams from all over Europe on 29th September and to open the games. He added that he is sure that all participants will go back home with a very good impression of the host country Saxony and the people living here.

In the discussion following the statements Gerd Alscher explained the media representatives that the Agrolympics will be prepared by students of his college, supported by another agricultural school. Many partners were already found, first of all the Rider´s association “St. George” Burgstaedt which offered its territory and riding hall for the competition. Gerd Alscher is optimistic that the 2nd Agrolympics are going to be very successful.

Gerd Alcher


Student Floristry Skill Competition in Slovakia

21st and 22nd October were big days at EUROPEA Family. During these active times students presented their professional skills at floristry competition. Competition theme was “Thank Giving for Harvest”. 20 teams from 12 different countries were competing against each other.

During the competition teams had to make two different works which were a wreath on door and a room decoration on pot. Given materials were inspired by autumn and harvest. The organisers provided the teams with all the necessary materials and tools for the competition. Students of “Rakovice Secondary Agricultural School” gathered most of the materials for settings from nature, which was mainly pure and main source of inspiration.

However, there were no technical stipulations for settings. Students could use all given materials, guide the topic and type of works. Everyone could use their own fantasy and handwriting. Only limiting factor was time.

For students it was exciting to look, how competitors from different countries were using same type of materials to create same type of setting. Floristry competition was organised very well! Students didn’t have to deal with stress or high tension. “We were competing but we took the competition as creatively as possible” – said Estonian team-members. “We didn’t come here to win, but get experiences, compare skills to other colleagues and find friends for life”.

After long long day winners where called out! 🙂

1st place: Terézia Heltková a Juraj Bocian, Rakovice, Slovakia
2nd place: Magali Egger a Deana Ebener, CPLN Cernier, CFPneLullier, Switzerland
3rd place: Kristína Jarábková a Timotej Gajdoš, Rakovice, Slovakia

Congratulations to winners and all participants!

Many thanks to organisers!

students at floristry competition exhibition of floristry competition settings
Estonian team making the door wreath. Photographed by Marek Jakobi Competition is closed! The settings are placed in the exhibition, just waiting for the results… Photographed by Kalle Toom


The Estonian Minister of Rural Affairs awarded the best graduates of rural economy


Photograph: Kristo Mäe


A reception for the best graduates of rural economy VET schools, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and Tallinn University of Technology Institute of Food Processing was held on 29th of June at the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs. This traditional event has been held since 1998.

18 best graduates received the Minister of Rural Affairs letter of thanks this year.

Estonian rural life needs to thrive the best knowledge and specialists in order to increase our competitiveness” said Urmas Kruuse to best graduates by handing over the letter of thanks. He added “While beginning with the journey in difficult time, successful years belong to you, because every crisis is followed by the rise“.


Congratulations to all graduates of rural economy!

More photos from the reception 

2 in 1- two competitions in one week

During the 3rd week of May two different student competitions where held in Estonia.


Photograph: Foundation INNOVE

In Tallinn, Landscape Gardening students demonstrated their vocational skills during 18th to 20th of May. Four teams from Estonian vocational schools (Luua Forestry School and Räpina School of Horticulture) and one guest participant team was representing Omnia Education Centre from Finland. During three days student teams had to build a show garden according to the plan, using different kind of materials like stone, wood, plants etc. Constructed show gardens can be viewed in Tallinn during the summer till the end of September.

Teams of Luua Forestry School and Omnia Education Centre gained the same amount of points which ensured the victory. 2nd and 3rd place went to teams from Räpina School of Horticulture.

Competition organisers, Foundation INNOVE and Luua Forestry School thank all the participants and supporters!

More pictures from the competition




Photograph: Foundation INNOVE

In Türi, young farmers showed their skills during one of the biggest flower fair called as Türi Flower Fair on 20th of May. 25 students from Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre, Olustvere School of Service and Rular Economics and Estonian University of Life Sciences demonstrated their skills in ten different competition areas:

  • calculation of fertilizer spreading rate
  • butter making in jar
  • domestic animals and poultry manure knowledge
  • determining weight of alive cattle
  • tractor accurate race
  • field size determined with steps
  • the knowledge about historical tools
  • weighting of a bag of grain
  • planting flowers in a box
  • maintaining of milking machine
  • agricultural vehicle hooking to the tractor

All tasks had to be perform at a predetermined period of time.

The best young farmer belonged to Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre, second year student Digris Jõemaa whereas 2nd place winner Jessika Kull and 3rd place winner Meelis Lindret were also from Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre.

Competition organisers, Foundation INNOVE, Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs and Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre thank all the participants and supporters!

More pictures from the competition 

Students demonstrated gardening skills at the competition “Young Gardener 2016”


Photographed by Kalle Toom

In Tartu, Gardening students demonstrated their vocational skills during the biggest agricultural exhibition “Maamess 2016” on 21st of April. Four teams from Estonian vocational schools (Räpina School Of Horticulture, Luua Forestry School, Kopli Vocational School of Tallinn, Hiiumaa Vocational School) and three guest participant teams where representing Ernst-Benary-School from Germany and Bulduri Gardening School from Latvia.
Competition areas were as follow:

  • knowledge of plants,
  • grafting,
  • building a flower tower according to the plan, using specified materials and plants
  • building a watering system,
  • trimmer nylon rolling.

All tasks had to be perform at a predetermined period of time.

Team from Räpina School of Horticulture won the competition while team from Luua Forestry School gained the 2nd position and team Bulduri Gardening School was 3rd place winner.

Competition organizers, Foundation INNOVE and Räpina School of Horticulture thank all the participants!

More pictures from the competition

Next Young Gardeners competition will take place in Tartu at 20th of April, 2017.