Foundation of EUROPEA Polska
Aug 3rd 2018

A short glimpse into 2005… Foundation of EUROPEA Polska 15 – 16 December 2005 at the CDR in BrwinĂłw took place the seminar “EUROPEA POLSKA”. The aim of the seminar was to provide participants with information about the EUROPEA. Mr. Karl Friewald from EUROPEA Austria presented opportunities for membership in it and explained how to […]

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Polska! Feel invited :)
Aug 2nd 2018

Polska! Feel invited 🙂

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Welcome to Denmark!
Jul 31st 2018

July was the Month of Denmark! During this month EUROPEA Denmark introduced the country and many-many activities which take place in the country. As the month is about to finish, it’s time to say goodbye and welcome everybody to visit wonderful Denmark 🙂

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Culture Enriched with Migration
Jul 30th 2018

KA2 project “Culture Enriched with Migration” Students at Asmildkloster Agricultural School are participating in a KA2 project together with schools from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey. They are learning about racism and the need for tolerance. The main project topics are: cultural awareness, our historical roots, cultural heritage / the remains of the past, […]

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We do… in Denmark
Jul 29th 2018

In Denmark, we do courses for International students… In May this year, 26 students from Poland participated in a 4-week course in animal husbandry and machinery. The course was organized by Green Academy in Aarhus. Why did the Polish students choose Denmark? The main reason was to combine the theoretical education from Poland with the […]

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EUROPEA Denmark sends teachers abroad
Jul 28th 2018

  EUROPEA Denmark sends teachers abroad   Teachers’ professional development, networking… You Name It! During the last 3 years, EUROPEA Denmark sent 46 teachers in small groups of 2-3 persons to 10 different EU countries. Each group has a specific purpose for the trip. See examples and the pictures below. A trip to Iceland: How […]

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Danish students choose and recommend internships abroad
Jul 27th 2018

More and more Danish students are choosing internships abroad See the pictures from 3-week placement from all over Europe and the video made by Solvej in Holland. Another story about an internship in USA My name is Marie-Louise and I am a student at the Green Academy doing an internship in the United States of America. I […]

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Swimming in Denmark
Jul 26th 2018

A summer swim in the harbour Yet only 15 years ago a swim in the harbour of large Danish cities would have been impossible because the water was polluted to the extent that it posed a health risk. As a result of a long-term effort by local municipalities, you can now swim in the water […]

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Danish most precious natural resource
Jul 25th 2018

Trust – our (Danish) most precious natural resource People in Denmark are among the world’s most trusting of people they do not know. This high level of trust, closely intertwined with Denmark’s welfare model and non-corrupt institutions, contributes to strengthening the nation’s economy. Trust is also an attractive factor for foreign companies wanting to do business in […]

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Sustainable production in Denmark
Jul 24th 2018

Resource Efficient Productivity – sustainable production From 1990 to 2014, the value of agricultural production increased by 22%. In the same period, nitrogen loss to coast water was cut by 43%, the phosphorus excess went down 83% and greenhouse gas emission decreased by 16%. Today, an average cow produces 64% more milk than in 1984 […]

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Organic farming – a growing trend
Jul 23rd 2018

Organic farming – a growing trend in Denmark   Organic production is increasing globally. Denmark is the main driver behind this development. Danish consumers consume more organic produce than any other Europeans, and 33% of the Danish dairy consumption is organic. Almost 7% of Danish farmland is cultivated organically.   Source: Facts and figures about […]

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