The Estonian Minister of Rural Affairs awarded the best graduates of rural economy

Photograph: Angelika Lebedev

A reception for the best graduates of rural economy VET schools, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and Tallinn University of Technology Institute of Chemistry and Biology was held on 27th of June at the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs.

20 best graduates received the Minister of Rural Affairs letter of thanks this year.

You have taken the best knowledge from your school and you have all advantages to succeed in life and work” said Tarmo Tamm, the Minister of Rural Affairs. “I want you to make wise choices and I hope you will find the opportunity to link your future and work with Estonia. Your thoughts and deeds shape the future of Estonian state.”

Congratulations to all graduates of rural economy!

More photos from the reception

AGROLYMPICS: Coming Soon !

Rehearsal of the 2nd AGROLYMPICS

Last week the students from my school who will act as jury members in September tested some of the disciplines of the upcoming Agrolympics. The aim was to get a feeling of the competition, to test the materials/tools and to check whether the evaluation of the disciplines will work or not.

The following disciplines were tested: Log splitting, Tractor driving, Handling potato/apple boxes, Balancing big bales, Fencing, Apple pressing, Changing points, Assembling a pipe-line, Hand milking and Fertilizer spreading.

The students were very enthusiastic, the weather was wonderful and we could welcome some guests, e.g. the Mayor of Burgstaedt, some film producers  and a journalist from a farmer´s magazine. Soon we will get a promotion video which shows the activities on this day.

Please keep in mind that the machines we used are not the machines we will have during the competition!

I will keep you updated 🙂 !

Gerd Alscher, NC EUROPEA Germany, 20th June 2017

16th European Championship in Forestry Skills

The astonishing municipality of Maienfeld in the Landquart Region in the Swiss canton of Graubünden has been the seat of the 16th European Forestry Skill Championship held from 25 to 28 May.

Mainfield is a tourist destination in the Alps, both because of the local wine and because it was the setting of the Heidi story (a cartoon TV serie).

Below, a photo of the three first classified teams and the competition results summary.



The “Colegiul Silvic Transilvania” in Nasaud was the seat of The Romania National Forestry Skills Championship held from 8 to 12 of May 2017.

Six forestry schools coming from different parts of Romania took part in this event.

The competition resulted very interesting and the teams were very eager to win.

The context consisted in two sections:

  • Forestry course with 16 tasks as:
    • the age of the tree,
    • the height of the tree above the ground,
    • basal area,
    • m²/ hectare,
    • slope of terrain in %,
    • mean diameter,
    • size of the area,
    • volume of the standing tree,
    • volume of the saw log,
    • total growing stock,
    • determining tree species,
    • determining kinds of wood with bark,
    • determining animals,
    • hunting,
    • diseases and pests,
    • first aid in the forest and adventure.


The forestry track had 3 km length in the Oriental Carpathians Mountains at 1200 m above sea level.

  • Next days was dedicated to performing the technical disciplines with chainsaw as:
    • tree felling,
    • fitting another chain,
    • bucking by combined cuts,
    • precision bucking
    • and the last and most spectacular was limbing.

The quality of competitors is increasing year by year but with a lot of training behind.

The winner was “Colegiul Silvic Transilvania”,  also winning the right to participate in the EUROPEA Forestry Championship held in Maienfeld, Switzerland two weeks later, from 25 to 28 May.

Below, you have links to EUROPEA – Romania website where you’ll find pictures about several moments of competition.—CNCS-2017.php

In Focus: Forestry

Luxembourg, 22-27 May 2017

The ambitious forestry project SILVAforum is in full swing these days!

This ERASMUS+ KA2 project, led by our Luxembourgish colleagues, aims at comparing, creating and sharing educational material on forestry. One of the most important objective is to elaborate suitable ECVET units, which might be of a great help for the future mobilities and student exchanges.

The last week of May saw the project partners coming together in the one and only Grand Duchy of Luxembourg warmly welcomed by the organisers from EUROPEA school LTA Ettelbruck. Students and teachers from six European countries (AT, FI, FR, LU, RO, SE) participated in a six-day workshop, which covered a wide variety of fine activities.

Participants got the chance to improve their professional skills and to discover the beautiful forests and the wonderful countryside of this tiny chocolate-box country. Moreover, the busy agenda also included cultural items with a visit to Schengen and to the City of Luxembourg.

This meeting was the sixth in the line-up as partners have already completed workshops in Luxembourg (6-11 June 2016), Romania (27 June-1 July 2016), Finland (29 August-2 Sept 2016), France (18-23 Sept 2016) and Sweden (23-28 April 2017). Next meeting is scheduled for 18-23 June 2017 when SILVAforum partners will be hosted by LFS St. Andra, Austria.

For more information on the project click to Projects in the menu. More on the LU Programme, pics and videos here.

Acknowledgements:Many thanks to Nicolas (LU) and the Coop Inter Envermeu France Facebook-page admins 🙂