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May is not only the month of Portugal, but also the month to enrol for AGROLYMPICS. The deadline is on the 31st of May.

All the rules/tasks and enrolment link are on TEAMENGINE
(EUROPEA Competitions/Competitions/AGROLYMPICS/2018_Portugal_Agrolympics)

All we need to know by now is which countries wish to send a team. All the other details can be send until the 25th of July.

The Portuguese summer will be waiting for the European teams!

Guernsey Wonderland


During our April meeting in Normandy, we had the opportunity to hop on a boat and sail to Guernsey! A marvellous place and a wonderland of its own. “Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel near the French coast, and is a self-governing British Crown dependency. “ – Google informs. We spent a very short time there, visited two enterprises but we were all very much affected by this little island and its great residents.


Rocquette Cider Farm: Home grown cider from Guernsey

After a very delicious seafood lunch we visited the Rocquette Cider Farm of the Meller family located in the Fauxquets Valley in the heart of Guernsey countryside.

Heartily welcomed by the senior boss James Meller (by the way a Scotsman), we got a nice impression of the farm.  During a short walk on the farm James explained the whole process from harvesting the apples up to having the cider filled up in bottles ready for selling. They produce cider in many varieties and flavours: traditional, exceptional and craft ciders and still ciders with funny names like Merry Berry, Castle Gunners, Scallywag or Salty Dog.

The annual apple swap brings apple growers from all over the island to the farm which generates up to 15 tonnes of, locally grown hand picked apples to supplement our own harvest. They have also started importing apples from our sister island, Jersey, to give the cider a truly Channel Island branding which appeared to be a good marketing idea and make it more appealing to a larger market. A big highlight at the end of our visit was a tasting ceremony of local products, the different ciders, home-made cheese and chutneys: yummy, yummy….

By Gerd Alscher (DE), member of the EUROPEA Editorial Group


Meadow Court Farm

One of the 14 farms on this enchanting channel island is Meadow Court, a third generation enterprise run by very special and very jolly people. Day in and day out Julien, Katrin and Rachel would deal with the 70 milking cows, the surrounding lands and the ice-cream shop situated in one of the charismatic buildings of the court. First thing we learn is that there are only Guernsey cows on Guernsey! This gentle and pretty brownish-yellow breed is characteristic for the island and there is even a Guernsey Conference every 3 years here gathering breeders from Australia, Africa and New Zealand!

Katrin shows us though the stables and the spacious pink (!!) milking parlour. She is responsible for this task, and she claims that she recognises all her “ladies” and knows all of them by their names. And just before the EUROPEAns would try to express some of their doubts, she points to them and starts listing: “That is Charlotte, Eugene, Renate, Lindsey, Luisa … “ And we instantly realise that what she has said is actually true! Amazing!

“The bull … we rent” – explains Katrin. “He is such a nice one. He moos all the time – when he is happy, sad or wants to tell us something. He would moo every time someone enters the yard. He is just like a dog!”

Julien being out in the fields taking advantage of the nice sunny weather and spreading the fertilizer, Katrin hands us over to her sister Rachel, who deals with the ice-cream machine. She shows us the different flavours that she uses. “Sometimes we add dad’s fruit to it too.” – she says referring to the several fruit trees that grow in the shadow of the stables and also in the tiny greenhouse. “Dad” is Katrin and Rachel’s father, a 82-year-old gentleman, now retired, but still helping her daughters managing the farm. “We would run to him each time we need advice” – the girls admit.

Rachel serves us with delicious vanilla ice-cream and – as time is flying – we say goodbye to this charming family and the wonderful “Guernsey-ladies”. Many thanks for the great visit.

By Judit Čović (HU), leader of EUROPEA Editorial Group

Pics: Judit (HU) and Pedro (PT) 🙂


Portugal: Europe’s best kept secret!


Portugal is a sovereign state, located in the Iberian Peninsula, on the Southwestern extreme of Europe. It’s one of the most ancient nations in Europe, founded nine centuries ago.

Since pre-historic times, what is currently the Portuguese territory has been continuously settled, invaded and fought over by numerous ethnic groups, such as Lusitanians, Celts, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Suebi and Moors.
In the 15th and 16th centuries, by means of maritime exploration, Portugal established the fist global empire, becoming one of the world’s major economic, political and military powers. During this Age of Discovery, the Portuguese opened a sea route to India, across the coast of Africa, discovered Brazil and performed a circum-navigation.

After this golden era, a series of unfortunate events, such as the destruction of Lisbon during the major earthquake of 1775, the occupation of the country by Napoleonic forces and the independence of Brazil, diminished Portugal of it’s world power.

After the 1910 revolution deposed monarchy, Portugal became a republic, but it was only in 1974, with the Carnation Revolution, that Democracy was restored. This event ended the colonial war and marked the beginning of the end of the empire.

Today, Portugal is a modern, developed country, being a member of European Union since 1986. It’s one of the founding countries of EUROPEA.
Portugal has left a profound cultural and architectural influence across the globe, from south America to Africa, India and the Far-East. Today, over 300 million people speak Portuguese, not to mention Portuguese-based creoles.
But perhaps the most important feature in Portugal is it’s people. Portuguese absorbed all these influences to become welcoming, courageous, resilient and resourceful persons.

Welcome to the month of Portugal!



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It’s time to…

It’s time to conclude the campaign Month of Estonia as it is the last day of April. There are still many-many things and stories we wanted to share about our country. However, you are always welcomed to visit us, see all by yourself and Be Part of Estonian Spirit! Thank you for being with us, for following our stories and doings.

But before April turns to May and Portugal takes over, we want to share with you EUROPEA Estonia’s highlights from September 2017.

EUROPEA family was gathered in Estonia to participate in an EUROPEA conference “From Rural to Digital”. To relive this amazing memory please visit the website and you’ll see how everything you felt, saw and experienced rolls out again!


You know where to come!

Welcome to ESTONIA and Be Part of Estonian Spirit!


The Month of Estonia started with the Singing Celebration. Now we finish our month with the Dance Celebration. These events have not only kept the spirits of small nation alive but instilled a new enthusiasm for doing even more.


Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator
leader of the campaign “Month of an EUROPEA Member State”