Greetings from Budapest
Dec 10th 2017 by Judit Čović

3-5 December 2017, Budapest, Hungary

Old and new members of the EUROPEA Editorial Group met up this winter in the capital of Hungary to discuss future takes and responsibilities, gather new ideas and lift EUROPEA PR to a different level.

The Agenda embraced the following topics: re-organisation of the Editorial Group, strategy of the EUROPEA PR, development of Social Media and evaluation of the AGROLYMPICS.

During the eight-hour work meeting the team agreed on many duties and actions including, for instance, interesting long-term campaigns on the website, creating new Social Media spaces (Instagram, YouTube), setting up a picture bank and starting a Wikipedia entry. The Report with all the details is currently in making and it is coming soon to TeamEngine.

In Budapest editors were joined by the representatives of the Executive Committee, Elisabeth and Nicolas. Also, Izabella, the NC of EUROPEA-Hungary paid a visit to the meeting. Finally, the team was hosted by the FM KASZK Centre on the last evening and had a wonderful time together.

EUROPEA wishes you a great Christmas Season. May we meet again in 2018!



Judit Covic
Many thanks, Sophie :)
Sophie BW
Hi, Well done! Good luck for all the ideas.... ;-)
Judit Covic
We have a GREAT team !! Thanks for all of you !! Hugs, Judit
Elisabeth Hönigsberger
I am impressed by your enthusiasm, your creativity and endurance! We can all look forward to great and interesting months to come!

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