Postscripts from the 2nd AgrOlympics
Jan 26th 2018 by Gerd Alscher

On 10th  January 2018 the winners of the 2nd AgrOlympics in Germany, the team from Switzerland -Loïc Rollier (NE), Luc Desmeules (VD), Mathieu Petignat (JU) und Yanis Sarrasin (VS) with their teamleader Hervé Fruh, teacher at the agricutural school Agrilogie – were awarded during the Swiss Expo in Lausanne. Pictures and more information from the ceremony can be found under the following link:

In November/December 2017 all the teams of the 2nd AgrOlympics were asked to fill in a questionnaire in order to evaluate the competition. We got 24 answers, thank you very much for your participation. The overwhelming majority was (very) satisfied with the event and would tell their students to participate again in such a competition. Most of the replies expressed that AgrOlympics shall take place every year and more than half said there should be mixed teams of girls and boys. The most favourite disciplines mentioned were changing the wheels of a tractor and tractor skill driving. Almost all were very enthusiastic and told us that it was a great event for the students and teachers which has to be continued. So let´s meet again this summer, many thanks to EUROPEA Portugal for taking over the 3rd AgrOlympics!!!!


Judit Čović
Elisabeth Hönigsberger
Thank you Gerd, student events, whether in agriculture, forestry, wine or any other field, always leave a lasting impression. A great chance to let students "grow"! Portugal - we are coming!

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