Rural AND Digital
Sep 26th 2017 by Elisabeth Hönigsberger

 Digitalisation is one of the key words that pops up in every single school. Politics and society are jointly demanding the magic. But what is meant by it? Do we have the same understanding? While some immediately think of infrastructure & hardware, teachers and educators try to figure out what and how to implement it in the daily school life.

Where in a learning process can “something digital” be used? In which phase can “something digital” support the learning of a student?

There is not the one and only answer:
As educators in green, agricultural schools we have to learn from each other, listen to each other and ask.

As EUROPEA we can collect tools, make useful applications visible, share the experience and connect ideas, to develop something further, something rural AND digital.


Kristian Møller
I have a filosofy about vocational training combined with digital online Courses could raise The theoretical knowledge to practical learners and in farming The practical competences comes Along or before The theoretical knowledge The biggest Challenge in The future is NOT to find knowledge but to make a structur of knowledge.

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