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It’s time to conclude the campaign Month of Estonia as it is the last day of April. There are still many-many things and stories we wanted to share about our country. However, you are always welcomed to visit us, see all by yourself and Be Part of Estonian Spirit! Thank you for being with us, for following our stories and doings.

But before April turns to May and Portugal takes over, we want to share with you EUROPEA Estonia’s highlights from September 2017.

EUROPEA family was gathered in Estonia to participate in an EUROPEA conference “From Rural to Digital”. To relive this amazing memory please visit the website and you’ll see how everything you felt, saw and experienced rolls out again!


You know where to come!

Welcome to ESTONIA and Be Part of Estonian Spirit!


The Month of Estonia started with the Singing Celebration. Now we finish our month with the Dance Celebration. These events have not only kept the spirits of small nation alive but instilled a new enthusiasm for doing even more.


Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator
leader of the campaign “Month of an EUROPEA Member State”

Open Farm Day

Estonia’s 4th Open Farm Day will take place on 22 July 2018. A large number of farms and agricultural producers invite everybody to visit them.

You will be welcome to visit large and small farms, see amazing animals and plants, farm machines and new technologies, taste real country food, participate in excursions, workshops, and many other exciting events. Each farm has its own programme demonstrating its special features.

Come to the countryside and see how Estonian food grows! 🙂

The Open Farm Day is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Rural Affairs, Agricultural Research Centre, and Järva County Open Farms.

* Take your time while visiting a farm
* Take a great mood with you
* Follow the instructions of the hosts
* Keep the time schedule in mind
* Have some cash with you
* If it rains, take rubber boots and raincoats with you
* Leave your pets at home to keep them and farm animals safe
* Be interested and ask questions from hosts
* Enjoy your day! 🙂


Watch the video and get an overview about the 1st Open Farm Day in Estonia at 2015.


Welcome to Estonia! Welcome to our farms on 22nd of July 2018! 


Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator

Open Fishing Port Day

On the 28th of April, tens of thousands of people attended the 2nd Open Fishing Port Day throughout Estonia.
According to preliminary data, approximately 25 000 visits were made to fishing ports. 23 fishing ports could be visited all over Estonia. There were fishermen in the ports. The visitors could attend handicraft and study rooms and go to fishcafes. It was possible to have a boat trip and see musical groups performances, for children different thematic workshops and a science theater, as well as fishing line training.


Estonian fishermen deserve recognition because it is thanks to them that we have the opportunity to eat fresh domestic fish,” said Tarmo Tamm, Minister of Rural Affairs. “The coastline and inland waterways of Estonia are lined up with a network of fishing ports where hard, but grateful work is being done.

On the day of open fishing ports, we can show the people of Estonia the daily life of the fishing ports and how the fish can reach our food table.” According to the Minister of Rural Affairs, everyone can do a lot for the fishermen. “I hope that the visitors of the open day of the fishing ports as well as other Estonian residents will find fishermen from whom to buy fresh and domestic fish directly,” said Tamm.

The Open Fishing Port Day was organized by the Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Fisheries Information Center and funded by the European Union Maritime and Fisheries Fund for 2014-2020.

The day was dedicated to 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Photographed by Triinu Heinaste

More photos



Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator


The press release by Triinu Heinaste, Ministry of Rural Affairs

Let’s do it!


What is the community activities day “Let’s do it!”?

It is the day of collective action that has been taking place in different forms all over Estonia since 2008. In 2008 people gathered together to clean Estonia from illegal garbage, in 2009 people gathered together to generate good ideas and from 2010-2017 there have been several different actions all over Estonia. Every community, organization or active citizen decided by themselves what needed to be done and asked other people to join according to that.

The main goal of the day is the contribution to the civil society in Estonia by promoting active attitude, strengthening local communities and supporting the development of local leaders.

The day is also a part of a global event called Let’s Do It! World or World Cleanup Day which is initiated by Estonians. There are already more than 100 countries all over the world that have joined the action. You can read more about the cleanup also from the website of Let’s do it World.

The community activity day “Let’s do it!” will take place on the 5th of May 2018 – everyone is welcomed to join! 🙂

Estonian Public Broadcasting and the team of “Let’s do it!” are calling everybody to plant a tree on 5th or 6th of May 2018. Planting a tree keeps people to be in touch with nature. For Estonians, the tree has a special meaning, it keeps your soul and gives strength. When planting a tree, you make a cohesiveness with nature. The tree can be planted in your or friends garden, in young forest etc.

If you like to join with the tree planting, do it please on 5th or 6th of May, make a photo of you and the tree you planted. Post the photo on social media and mark with #OmaPuu or send the photo to

LET’S DO IT!!! 🙂


Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator