Luua Forestry School

Photographed by SiimSeglinš

The only forestry school in Estonia is situated in the middle of forest.

Heavily forested Estonia (almost half of the country is covered in woodlands) has always valued foresters and their work. No wonder that for decades foresters have been educated here.

Estonias only vocational forestry school is located in the woods – away from the crowds and noise, in Jõgeva county forests, in a small village called Luua.

If you would come to Luua village on a usual weekday morning, it may appear as a typical Estonian village, since there are very few people to be seen. However, if you observe the people more closely you may notice the number of youngsters among them. That is no surprise – there are about 300 inhabitants in the village, but the number of students in the school is almost 500. This is why Luua is like a wonderland – the school inside the small village is bigger than the village itself!

Pupils from all over Estonia come to gain knowledge in Luua Forestry School. Many of them are from rural areas and have already prior connections in family to their chosen specialty. It is no surprise there are many students, whose parents and grandparents have studied at the same school and hopefully, their children and grandchildren will choose the same path.

Assuming that the students disappear between the forests like a black hole is wrong. A close cooperation is taking place at international level in all specialties. Students from all three study fields are participating in different International projects and professional competitions. It is not unusual to hear Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, English and other languages in Luua village. As often as our students go abroad, Luua Forestry School hosts foreign visitors.

Cooperation with various international organizations opens up a lot of opportunities for our students, but also requires a lot of effort. That is why for example our logging team competitors are practicing intensively this spring – the European Youth Championships in Forestry, organized by EUROPEA International, in Hungary are waiting. We have been involved in this competition for many years and so far our students have been quite successful. This year there is another target for the young logging athletes –  the 33rd World Logging Championship is taking place in Norway, and one junior competitor is included in the national team.



Katri Ahtijäinen
Luus Forestry School

Hop into Estonian nature!

Estonians love nature and called as forest people. Estonians like to spend time in nature, explore the forest, hike in nature, pick wild berries and mushrooms, hunt or just take pictures of nature views.

The State Forest Management Center (RMK) made hundreds of possibilities to be in nature, like hiking and cycling trails, off-road trails, campsites, campfire sites, forest huts, observation towers etc. For exact places, you can search at RMK homesite.

Screen shot RMK homepage

Screenshot RMK homepage

Due to the Estonians love for hiking there were two longer hiking distances created. Through these distances, it is possible to hike through Estonia. One, Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route is 820 km long. Another, Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla route is  375 km long.

But if you want to look into Estonian nature, you can do it immediately! You can just open a nature web camera and look live broadcasting from different places, observe animals and birds. Live broadcasts of Estonian nature have been carried out since 2007. Some cameras use solar-powered batteries and therefore might not be available all the time.

Click on next links, choose your favorite, turn on the loudspeaker and you ready to step into Estonian nature as long as you wish!
Some active cameras and videos on Nature Calendar website.
Some active nature cameras on Eenet wesite.



Katrin Uurman
National Coordinator
leader of the campaign “Month of an EUROPEA Member State”

Maamess began!

The greatest agricultural fair of Estonia – Maamess – commenced on Thursday, the 19th of April. The fair is composed of hundreds of expositions: the themes include agricultural technology, agricultural products, milking and cattleshed equipment, veterinary commodities and medicaments, fodder, fodder supplements, pedigree breeding, pesticides and fertilizers, insurance and credit, training and counselling.

The first day got a great start with a debate between previous ministers of agriculture and the current minister of rural affairs, Tarmo Tamm. The intense and thorough discussion included all the important and actual topics relating to Estonian agriculture, including supports for organic agriculture, the future of Estonian rural life and the digitalization of Estonian agriculture.



Kertu Kärk
Ministry of Rural Affairs