🔎Where are the future Farmers to grow our food?

April 15, 2022
By: Karin Carlsson | Katrin Uurman

👉They are just one videocall away!

A lot of Swedish farmers as well as some of Sweden´s agricultural colleges have joined the free initiative Farmer Time in order to inspire and educate children about farming, food production and the environment.

Farmer Time helps teachers and school classes to communicate with farmers from their classrooms through videocalls such as FaceTime, Messenger or Skype. Every two or three weeks throughout the school year, children meet their matched farmer to discuss ideas, ask questions, share knowledge and gain a real-time understanding of farming today.

And what better place to have a Farmer Time call than at an agricultural college? With Farmer Time we can show children the diversity of schools, farming and techniques, animals, machines and crops. Hopefully these calls will inspire more young people to choose an agricultural career in the future and thus support our food production for years to come.

The Farmer Time initiative started in England 2016 by Farmer Tom Martin and LEAF Education. Since then, the concept has spread afield with international partners in Sweden, Finland, Australia, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.

Photos 1 and 2. Jämtlands gymnasium Torsta

Photos 3 and 4. Stora Segerstad Naturbrukscentrum


Author: Karin Carlsson, Naturbruksskolornas Förening, www.naturbruk.se

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