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It is always nice and very useful to cooperate…

November 9, 2022
By: Gerd Alscher

…. And that is exactly what the board of Naturbruksskolornas förening in Sweden and Executive Committee (EC) of EUROPEA international experienced during their common meeting in Stockholm in October 2022.

EC have usually 2 physical meetings during a year, and it has become a tradition that these meetings take place in the country of the next biannual meeting of EUROPEA, meeting the president and the committee of the upcoming event.

It is up to the country that is in charge to decide about the program for the meeting they are preparing, but a meeting with EC some months in advance, is a good option to discuss the ideas for the program, listen, share thoughts and probably to investigate things from different angels.

This time in Stockholm was no exception. EC met our enthusiastic Swedish colleagues for some hours 19.-20.10.2022 and got to discuss the meeting in Piteå, Sweden in March 2023 (which, for sure, will be a good one!). As you can see from the photos, the site for the meeting was a very noble one: A beautiful building belonging to the “Kungliga skogs- og lantbruksakademin” (Royal Academy for Forestry and Agriculture).

Our own EC meeting during the same two days. During our meeting we discussed:

  • the status of our transfer from TeamEngine to Teams
  • a plan for webinars about tips & tricks in “TeamsEuropea”
    • two – three short events (45 min.) in January with two-three topics/levels (dates will come!)
    • learn to use TeamsEuropea as a platform for cooperation
    • invite members to suggest learning need
  • new model for membership fee for EUROPEA international (will be discussed at next meeting for national coordinators)
  • member survey 2022-23
  • financial support for student competitions to be staged in 2023
  • how to strengthen visibility of EUROPEA and raise awareness among members and relevant stakeholders

As a Norwegian member of EC and as CEO of Naturbruksskolenes forening (EUROPEA Norway), I also must admit that it was an extra pleasure to learn to know our nearest neighbours and to realize that our two organisations and our educations within agriculture, forestry and fishery have a lot in common. Personally, I left Sweden thinking “Why don’t we cooperate a lot more?”

This I will do something about!

Thank you for fruitful meetings to my Swedish colleagues, and to Nicolas and Anders in EC!

From Tone O Mosebø, Naturbruksskolenes forening/EUROPEA Norway

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