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1st EUROPEA Animal judging competition

October 19, 2018
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

                                                                       text and pictures by Maria Ottenschläger


1st EUROPEA Animal judging competition in Styria, AUSTRIA


The first EUROPEA Animal judging competition will take place in Traboch in the province of Styria in Austria.

This competition involves judgment about the characteristics of several breeds of dairy cows and beef.

The students have to judge three races: Holstein, Limousine, Simmental (Fleckvieh).

A team consists of  students and teachers from EUROPEA member countries (2 students and 1 teacher per country). 13 teams will compete in Styria. May the best team win!

Objectives of the 1st EUROPEA animal judging competition:

  • Encourage cooperation in a European setting
  • Exchange in the professional field
  • Proofing competences in cattle judgement
  • Getting to know Austrian agriculture
  • Strengthening the professional network


Come and see the 1st EUROPEA Animal judging competition from 24 – 27 October 2018 in AUSTRIA!!! EUROPEA AUSTRIA is waiting for you!!!

Thank you to the school in Kobenz

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