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2018 – Let’s celebrate 25 years of EUROPEA!

January 2, 2018
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

25 years – a success story

What started in 1993 with 8 countries – Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal and The United Kingdom – has developed into a real European network with already 25 member countries 25 years later. After the revision of statutes in 2015 EUROPEA (1) can now rely on well-established bodies to serve its members.

Organigram of EUROPEA

The network of green vocational training institutions pursues the following aims according to art. 3 of EUROPEA statutes:

  • stimulate training and exchange of agricultural and land-based students, teachers and staff members
  • promote partnership between the professional world and agricultural and land-based education and advisory centres
  • provide a platform for exchange of project products and of knowledge
  • encourage student competitions
  • facilitate intercultural exchanges
  • promote continuous education
  • support the development of thematic cooperation between members
  • study and disseminate results and knowledge regarding changes in the agricultural and land-based world
  • be involved in global cooperation in the agricultural and land-based training sector

What started with a paper newsletter in pre-digital times is now presented in numerous media providing up-to-date information to all members and the public as such.

Networks are only a foundation like infrastructure. On this basis – more can develop. If something develops, depends particularly on its members. EUROPEA members use Erasmus+ actions to exchange students and trainers, develop learning approaches and learning units, and create didactical and methodical tools and products to facilitate a modern learning process with a European dimension incorporated. EUROPEA competitions enable our students to meet fellow students from abroad and show their professional competences.

25 years of EUROPEA – time to honour the accomplishments of the past, reflect and raise awareness for future challenges, remember milestones and meet some of the founding members.

EUROPEA – Alone you go faster – together we go further!


(1) Registration number: 450.983.484; Royal Decree WL 22/13.467, Brussels, 16 February 2017

EUROPEA International Logo

EUROPEA – Europe de l’Enseignement Agronomique AISBL

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