24th European Forum Wachau – Make Europe fit for Future!
Jun 15th 2019

Three days of high-level talks in Göttweig

The Danube valley seen from the terrace of Göttweig Pic: EHÖ

Monastery Göttweig in the Wachau valley, Austria, hosted the European Forum for the 24th time. Numerous representatives, experts and stakeholders from economy, politics and society discussed European matters. How will our next economy, our next society look like? A wide range of topics was covered in presentations, speeches, panel discussions and workshops. www.europaforum.at/

Some interesting highlights

Two German students visited all 28 EU member countries to find out, what young Europeans expect from Europe. The trailer to their film “DRIVING EUROPE” look very promising and the film will be launched in September. Don’t miss it! http://www.driving-europe.de/

Writer Marc Elsberg presented a fascinating concept: POOLING & SHARING. He demonstrated a complex mathematical issue in an interesting fable. You can watch the story: http://www.farmersfable.org/

Pooling & Sharing – the Farmers Fable

Subsidiarity – do we mean the same?

The topic ‘subsidiarity’ was omnipresent when discussion future priorities and objectives of the European Union. Nevertheless, a common understanding is not so easily reached. As Elsberg put it:

Is subsidiarity… every country on its own, except…. – or
Is subsidiarity… all together, except….?

Fighting Fake News

How can we tackle the (im)possibilty of digital communication? Media expert Verena Nowotny underlined three approaches:

  • Education – start with media competence already in kindergarten
  • Set the record straight – correct and correct and correct
  • Discussion training – practice and practice and practice

An Erasmus+ KA3 student project was organized and enabled dozens of young people from e.g. Poland, Romania, France, Czech Republic or Austria to participate and share their expectations.

Monastery Göttweig – the perfect location for high-level talks.

The famous staircase of Göttweig Pic: EHÖ

United in diversity Pic: EHÖ

Some of you might remember? In 2006 we had the closing dinner of the EUROPEA seminar in Göttweig!