Glimpse into History

January 15, 2018
By: juditcovic

14-15 January 1993 (!)

Cordially welcomed by Norbert Feltgen, headmaster and Georges Krack, president of the COE (Comité d’Organisation EUROPEA), a group of dedicated colleagues working in European agricultural education arrives at Lycée Technique Agricole in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg on 14 January 1993. They are on a mission: to create The Statutes of EUROPEA and establish a new kind of cooperation within the Green Sector of the continent. On the following day the document is completed, and EUROPEA (l’Europe de l’Enseignement Agricole) is in for a successful journey into the world of collaboration, professionalism, friendship and goodwill.













Exactly 25 years ago today, during the afternoon of 15 January 1993 The Statutes of EUROPEA were signed by 15 representatives of 8 countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal and The United Kingdom. Furthermore, the first Executive Committee was appointed with Jakob Kjaer (DK) as president, and the Belgian delegation was trusted to seek official recognition of the Statutes by the Belgian authorities.

Madelon de Beus, one of the Dutch delegates recollects her memories of those two days: ‘It was not easy. Norbert Feltgen (LU) was the president of the meeting, and Georges Demeester (BE), as a lawyer, explained the statutes. We spoke thoroughly about each article. As you can imagine, every country had its own opinion about how to run an association like this! But after two days we all approved The Statutes and EUROPEA was a fact!’

A new movement was undeniably launched, free to rise and ready for a rich and exciting future! Today, 25 years after this historic event, EUROPEA is proud to unite 25 countries, more than 1000 Green VET schools and it is stronger and hotter than ever.

Salute the founders and long live EUROPEA!

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Georges (LU), Jacob and Henrik (DK) 😊 Special thanks to Madelon (NL) 😊 😊


By Judit Covic (HU), leader of EUROPEA Editorial Group for the History of EUROPEA Campaign, 2018

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