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A Week in Green Academy

December 5, 2019
By: Kaia Üleoja | Aivar Jaanus | Jaano Oras | Katrin Uurman

A Week in Green Academy

Once, there was a chance for young Estonian florists, gardeners and landscapers from Räpina School of Horticulture to go to Green Academy in Beder, Denmark for one week. This week was full of new information – people, activities, workshops, excursions – a lot to take in!

Future gardeners learned theoreticaly and practicaly about grafting, pruning, use of drones in agriculture and how to make a production plan. It was intense but long walks in amazing gardens and Fredfyldt park balanced it out.

Future landscapers had a lot of fun with coming out of the comfort zone by using old danish cobble stone and portuguese stone paiving. They got to see how things are done there and learned much about how to improve our ways in landscaping.

Future florists made many beautiful Christmas arrangements within 3 days and presented them to others. Using more green materials than flowers and clay instead of foam were main differences between earlier studies.

Overall we are happy and thankful for GA family, all the participants from Sweden, Finland and Iceland, the delicious healthy food and comfortable beds! We took a baggage of knowledge and skills with us which we’ll keep sharing.


Acknowledgements: Kaia Üleoja, Aivar Jaanus, Jaano Oras (students of Räpina School of Horticulture (EE)

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