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A „Zero Waste” Story

August 17, 2015
By: Judit Čović


A very curious shop chain appeared in France not so long ago with the aim to make shopping for food as environmentally friendly as possible.

After reading Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home, Alice Bigorgne decided to give up her job and start something brand new. She opened her first “Zero Waste” shop in Lille, and named it Day By Day. Her shop has more than 450 different products all stored in barrels, bottles, boxes and other containers. She would sell you the exact amount of the product that you need, and you can take it home in your own small bottle, box or bag.

Eventually, products without their fancy packaging are significantly cheaper and the difference in price can climb up the 40%, which is pretty “wallet friendly”, isn’t it? What is more, they are usually of a better quality than those attractively wrapped and sold in fashionable supermarkets.

Less packaging means less waste and it surely has a positive effect on our environment. It is not enough to recycle; the goal is to produce as little waste as possible. Luckily, consumers in France liked the idea, and Day By Day has become a success story. Today Alice Bigorgne runs five shops in different parts of France (Versailles, Fontenay-le-Fleury, Lille, Meudon, Nantes). Congrats, very well done!

More info: Day By Day website or Facebook page

Book: Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnbson
Source: GreenProfit
Photos: Day By Day Facebook page

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