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Aeres and Floriade cooperate in knowledge program on sustainable development

April 21, 2022
By: Jan-Willem Noom | Katrin Uurman

Influence the world of tomorrow. This is the reason for Aeres to present a knowledge program during the Floriade Expo 2022 that allows young people to come into contact with issues about sustainable development as early as possible. The Floriade, the world horticultural exhibition, will be held from April 14 to October 9, 2022.

Aeres is developing the Floriade Educational Program especially for teachers from secondary education, senior secondary vocational education and higher vocational education. Students in the land-based teacher training program in Wageningen make an important contribution to this. An online teaching program with practical assignments that fit within the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and are based on the Floriade themes (green, energy, health or nutrition). This thematic connection between Aeres and Floriade ensures that students contribute at an early stage to a secure future in which a healthy living environment is not an option, but a standard.

Joint ambition for a healthy living environment

The collaboration between Aeres and Floriade is a logical consequence of a shared ambition. “Just take a look at the Floriade themes and the training offer of our MBO and HBO in Almere”, says Rien Komen, vice-chairman of the Aeres Executive Board. “We work on urban issues in which a healthy food supply and a green living environment are always central. The green roof on the sustainable Aeres building, which recently won the Circular Awards 2022, also exudes this completely. “It’s not for nothing that we call it the ‘green lung’.”

To introduce young people to sustainable development, they go through a 360-degree teaching program with questions about green topics. Physically and online. The active collaboration with Floriade ensures that we can offer students aged 12-20 this rich learning experience. One that connects theory and practice in a titillating way and challenges them to make a creative contribution to a healthy living environment.

The Floriade Expo organization is pleased with the collaboration with partner Aeres, in which an educational program Floriade is being created for the target groups secondary education, vocational education and higher education. The theme Growing Green Cities and sub-themes food, green, energy and health form the fundament.

Meaningful Solutions

Aeres is proud of its role as a knowledge partner in this learning programme. As an educator in the green domain, we want to offer as many young people as possible the opportunity to come into contact at an early stage with any current topic related to sustainable development. So that they become the green change agents who contribute to responsible growth and meaningful solutions for a green future.

Jan-Willem Noom / Aeres corporate communication

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