Agroecology and Sustainable Farming

June 4, 2015
By: Judit Čović



Agroecology is the study of ecological processes that operate within agricultural production systems. As some experts would explain, it is a particular approach in the management of agricultural ecosystems trying to link ecology, economy, society, culture and traditions together in order to maintain a high level of agricultural production and to preserve a healthy environment at the same time.

Traditional food production methods of our grandfathers can prove to be very useful for a modern sustainable farm. They have always been striving to exploit the specific resources of a certain region or area without destroying its natural environment.

A group of European specialists are working together in a Leonardo da Vinci Development of Innovation Project called SAGITER (2013-2016) with the aim to gather and collect this agroecological knowledge in eight countries of Europe. The main objective is to create a complex educative material out of it so that this precious intelligence would not be gone and lost forever.

For details visit the SAGITER website.


Photos: a self-sufficient family enterprise Kacár Farm, Northern Hungary. Many thanks to Zsuzsanna Pátkai (HU) 🙂


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