AGROLYMPICS-Hungary Goes for the 3rd Edition

January 15, 2020
By: juditcovic

AM KASZK (Budapest) is one of the most active members in Hungary as far as international cooperation is concerned. Just have a glance at the chart below and see the number of mobilities for the last two academic years. And doesn’t 2019/2020 look extremely good?

By Juci Tóth, international coordinator for AM KASZK, Budapest (white> teachers, purple> students)

However, it is not only mobilities that they do. One of the member institutions of the KASZK centre, Táncsics Mihláy Green VET School has been the organiser of the national competition for AGROLYMPICS two times already, and they are hoping to go on with it. Come new year, the organisational process got on its way and working closely together with EUROPEA-Hungary it is very likely that we are in for an AGROLYMPICS-Hungary edition no3 this May. Fingers crossed and keep you updated 😊

Participants of the 2nd AGROLYMPICS-Hungary, 2019


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Hungary and Judit (HU) 🙂

Photo: by Judit (HU)

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