An Aviary Full of Parrotts
Apr 30th 2021

This lovely story comes from Tomáš Jankovský, a 3rd-year student of Agriculture (CZ)

Last summer I had a part-time job on a farm. Since I like animals and I like to take care of them, one day I came to my boss and he asked me to come with him and see something. We went to the boiler room and he showed me two beautiful parrots. They were two rosettes. I decided to take care of them.

He was glad and so was I. During the holidays my parents and I built an aviary for them. In September I got 5 more parrots and the aviary is now full. And now, the present springtime, parrots are doing very well. One of the females is brooding her eggs and I hope that chicks will hatch soon !!  I will be very happy and I will continue to take care of them.


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Czech Republic, Monika and Tomáš 🙂

Photos: from Tomáš (CZ)