And the Last Ten

September 29, 2018
By: Judit Čović

After the foundation of EUROPEA the enthusiasm of the early years has turned into a steady and firm cooperation between the member states. Thus, the following years saw continuous growth and safe development of our network.

The beginning of the last ten years of our common history was marked by two large scale projects, which had the intention to involve all EUROPEA national organisations. Leonardo da Vinci projects CHAVET (Challenges of Agricultural Vocational Education and Training; 2009-2011) and COPCHAVET (Coping with Challenges of Agricultural Vocational Education and Training; 2011-2013) provided a stable background for quality collaboration and made it possible for the EUROPEAns to meet several times a year at seminars, open-schools and student meetings.

Parallel to that other projects were run with a smaller number of partners but still with the participation of EUROPEA members and in fact, it has never stopped! With the new system of ERASMUS+ this trend was continued and it is going strong even nowadays!  ALIVE (2008-2010), AQUAP (2010-2012), AGROCUA (2012-2014), ANGIE 2.0 (2012-2014), PEAT VALLEY (2012-2014), EBBEY (2013-2015), VITEA (2015-2017), CAROUSEL 2.0 (2015-2017), SILVAforum (2016-2018), LOASA (2016-2018) … to mention only some of the very many. Moreover, EUROPEA partners planned and realized countless number of mobilities, study visits and of course, CARREFOUR went on uninterruptedly.

Over the years excellent student competitions got firmly established on the EUROPEA Calendar like the European Championships in Forestry Skills or the ever popular EUROPEA Wine Championships. Our students participated regularly in the cattle judging and wine tasting events at SIA Paris. The recently introduced AGROLYMPICS has quickly grown into an impressive and admired event. And there is more to come!

Started back in 1993 with 8 founding countries, today our organisation is proud to have more than 1000 member-schools in 25 countries of Europe and the numbers are still growing. EUROPEA is 25 this year, stronger than ever and has nothing to fear about the future. We are family.

EUROPEA Meetings and Seminars (2009 – 2018)

2009: Benesov (CZ) – Strömma (SE)

2010: Pamplona (ES) – Brussels (BE)

2011: Kaszópuszta (HU) – Pultusk (PL)

2012: Aarhus (DK) – Zaragoza (ES)

2013: Bergen (NO) – Wageningen (NL)

2014: Baden (AT) – Locorotondo (IT)

2015: Riga (LT) – Luxembourg City (LU)

2016: Rotterdam (NL) – Piestany (SK)

2017: Naxxar (MT) – Tartu (EE)

2018: Blainville-sur-Mer (FR)/ Guernsey (UK) – … (coming soon: Retz (AT) )


Salute the founders and long live EUROPEA!


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By Judit Čović (HU), leader of the Editorial Group for the History of EUROPEA Campaign, 2018

Based on the data available on the EUROPEA TeamEngine.

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