Anne Frank in the classroom

May 23, 2019
By: Helicon Opleidingen | Katrin Uurman

Of course, she was not really there, but we think it’s really important at our school to pay attention to her: Anne Frank, one of the best-known Holocaust victims thanks to her diary.

In our school, Helicon Vmbo Eindhoven, they are currently paying attention to the Second World War. Students make a paper about Anne Frank for this. Of course, the classes also go outside to the Annefrank tree. A descendant of the chestnut tree about which Anne Frank regularly wrote in her diary was planted for our school last year. The tree stands in a prominent place at the entrance of the school.

While a class is standing around the Annefrank tree, forestry teacher from our VET course tells about the tree. Now that spring is up, everyone can enjoy the flowering of this beautiful chestnut. At the same time, students learn that they must cherish freedom and that there is much to learn from the past.

Precisely by standing by this tree, the theme comes through well with students. “So, as we grow older, we can also tell about this tree,” one student says. And that is exactly what we want. That everyone continues to pass on the stories of history and therefore realizes what that means for us all.

Photos and text: Helicon Opleidingen
Photos and text: Helicon Opleidingen
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