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ANNIE 3rd Meeting in Oradea – Romania

October 12, 2017
By: Paco Fernandez

From 27th to 30th of last September, representatives of EUROPEA schools from five different countries: ES(3), HE(1 company), NL(2), RO(3), PT(1), SL(1) and UK(1) have held the 3rd meeting with two main goals: firstly sharing the activities that each partner have done in order to disseminate Aquaponics system as an innovative method to produce plants and fish in a combined way saving space, water and agricultural inputs, so assuring food production and environmental sustainability. On the other hand, prepare the Final Meeting which will be held in Molina de Segura – Spain from 29th of November to 2nd of December 2017.

Listed below we can see some of the most remarkable disseminations activities carried out by each partner, which were presented in Oradea:

  • Presentations in congresses, fairs and big exhibitions like in Rotterdam, Yorkshire, Oporto and also in countries out of Europe like Paraguay, Guinea Bissau, Brazil, etc.
  • Participation in fairs and exhibition with foreigners coming even from India and China,
  • Some ANNIE partners have built aquaponics systems for learning purposes addressed not only to students but also to farmers.
  • Publishing in agricultural scientific magazines.
  • Introduction of aquaponics production systems in the learning curricula of some schools.
  • In some partner schools, students are carrying out projects or even masters in aquaponics production.
  • Dissemination in mass media, social media and web.

Next step in ANNIE is prepare the Final Meeting in which partners will show the product got and the attained goals with this project. Around 70 participants coming from abroad are expected, what together with the Spanish participants will make that almost one hundred people can be gathered in Molina de Segura from 29th Nov to 2nd Dec to hold the big Aquaponics Show.

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