ANNIE in Romania

August 16, 2017
By: Judit Čović

News about the progress of ANNIE have reached us recently coming this time from EUROPEA school Colegiul Silvic Transilvania Năsăud, Romania. ANNIE is an ERASMUS+ project that promotes Aquaponics (integrated fish and plant production) as a sustainable agricultural practice. The Romanian ANNIE team has set up a complete Aquaponics system at the school campus and will use it in education in the future. Congrats Romania!

Details can be read  on the ANNIE dissemination leaflet:

Aquaponics is a circular system where aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (plant breeding in water) come together. The cycle starts with the feeding of the fish to produce ammonia rich waste, which accumulates in the water. The effluent-rich water is essential for plant growth.

So, the waste water is pumped to the grow beds. The bacteria that is cultured in the grow beds helps to break down impurities and as a result, nitrogen remains, which is an essential nutrient for plants. The plant roots filter the water which now contains nutrients for the fishes, and is pumped back down to the fishes.

Aquaponics is sustainable because the food is grown locally and not from far flown. And without the use of pesticides and antibiotics, so it is even healthier and fresher.

Aquaponics also supplies ten times more food per square meter, with a minimum of water consumption.  This makes it ideal for urban areas and dry, nutrient-poor countries.   Aquaponics can thus contribute to future food problems, the reduction of CO² emissions and 9/10 may reduce the use of precious drinking water for irrigation.”

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Acknowledgements: many thanks to Gioconda 😊

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