Developing entrepreneurship
Jan 16th 2020

Developing entrepreneurship among young farmers from Switzerland, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire With the support and funding of Movetia, the Interjurassian Rural Foundation, the Agricultural Institute of Obala (Cameroon) and the Swiss Centre for Scientific Research (Côte d’Ivoire) have conducted an exchange project between young agricultural entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire. Seven young farmers […]

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AGROLYMPICS-Hungary Goes for the 3rd Edition
Jan 15th 2020

AM KASZK (Budapest) is one of the most active members in Hungary as far as international cooperation is concerned. Just have a glance at the chart below and see the number of mobilities for the last two academic years. And doesn’t 2019/2020 look extremely good? However, it is not only mobilities that they do. One […]

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Kalo Students on ERASMUS Mission
Jan 10th 2020

This entry comes to you from Kalo Organic School in Denmark and our teacher colleague, Florence: “Through Erasmus + program, last year I had 5 students on internship abroad. They have been to Iceland, Spain, Norway and France. Learning and working abroad is a great experience, reflecting about own culture and learning both language, culture […]

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Christmas in Serbia
Jan 6th 2020

The following lines are coming to You from our Serbian friends: “We wish all our EUROPEA friends a happy and prosperous New Year! We in Serbia are a bit late because our Orthodox tradition celebrates Christmas on January 7th. Today the Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox church celebrate Badnji dan (Christmas Eve)! The name “Badnji […]

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Sustainability in Food Production
Jan 4th 2020

K202 ERASMUS Project LTT Meeting in Slovenia, November 2019 During last week of November 2019, representing EUROPEA-Spain a team formed by 5 VET students and 2 teachers of CPIFP de Movera, Zaragoza (Spain) participated in the 3rd  Learning Teaching and Training meeting of the KA202 ERUASMUS+ project  “On the trail of a sustainable community in […]

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Editors to Freiberg!
Dec 30th 2019

4th-7th December 2019, Freiberg – Germany Members of the EUROPEA Editorial Group held their annual meeting  during the first week of December getting together in Germany to discuss strategies and plans for the upcoming year. They have welcomed Fons (LU), the newest member of the team, who will be in charge of our new Instagram […]

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Lucia, the queen of lights

Lucia Day (St. Lucy’s Day) – a feast of candlelight processions, saffron buns, mulled wine and talking animals. Lucia Day is celebrated in every school at nursing homes, industries in fact all over Sweden also at Munkagard! The Lucia group sings Christmas songs psalms and other songs close related to Christmas.

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Gingerbread can help…

A gingerbread can give an helping hand…  In the following photo gallery you can see different objects made from gingerbread. Theses are made by students and different group of staff of Munkagårdsgymnasiet. The objects were sold at an auction held at the college. However, the money from the auction were given to an organization who […]

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Dec 29th 2019

Every year, in October at Munkagårdsgymnasiet a “Tractorweek” will be held. Each time, students bring their tractors and carry out a parade. Check the video HERE!   Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA Sweden! Video made by Jonas Andersson.

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Christmas Land
Dec 28th 2019

Everybody knows that Santa Claus comes from Finland. Before Christmas there are many kind of Christmas Markets in whole Europe, especially in big, old cities and also smaller towns.  In Finland we don’t have so long tradition of those markets, but it is coming more popular all the time. Christmas period starts from the first […]

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