A Mother’s View
Jul 19th 2019

Earlier in May the opportunity arose for four students to attend the Agrolympics in Poland. The Agrolympics is a competition including the participation of 20 counties all proving their agriculture skills and going for gold. I was lucky enough to be included in one of the four to attend. Myself, Carl Tuck, Izaak Lark and […]

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Summer – school!
Jul 17th 2019

Summer School for Green VET teachers of Catalonia (ES) This year the summer school took place at the Viticulture School of Espiells in the Catalan region of Penedès, some kilometres South of Barcelona city on 3th, 4th and 5th July 2019. About 90 teachers of the 14 Green VET schools of Catalonia met in Espiells […]

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Jul 13th 2019

Entrepreneur+: Development of Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies in Vocational Education and Training   The scope of the Entrepreneur+ project is to develop an IT application in support of the pedagogical methodology that combining online and offline tools, creating a cross-border network of schools and an inter-school network student aids the education of entrepreneurial skills and […]

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A “Herbful” Experience
Jul 11th 2019

Erasmus+ Seminar in Luxembourg EUROPEA school  LTA /Lycée Technique Agricole/ is a partner of the ERASMUS+ programme “Bio-Alternativ” organized by the European Horticulture Teacher Association. Recently the seminar “Cultivation and use of spice herbs” took place in Ettelbruck, LU.   During three days, teachers and students from Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg participated in […]

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Our visit to Easton Campus – Vos a SZeS Benesov Agriculture Apprentices
Jul 8th 2019

Our 14 days long visit started with being shown our accommodation and a tour of the area. In these 14 days we have learned to give cows a halter and lead them. So we also learned to sit (turnover) sheep and also lead them (for showing). Charlie took us to his family farm, were he […]

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Flashback >> AGROLYMPICS 2019!
Jul 5th 2019

May 31-June 3 2019, GOLOTCZYZNA and SIERAKOWO Open Farm Trade The following account was given by Jack, a EUROPEA student from UK, who was there at 4th AGROLYMPICS in Poland: “This was our leaving day: we all met at Carl’s house early in the morning to travel to the airport. On the way there we […]

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Under the Tuscan Sun
Jul 2nd 2019

A group of students from our EUROPEA partner Aeres Hogeschool Wageningen (NL) went to Tuscany (IT) last week, together with their lecturer Jan-Willem Noom to study the landscape, architecture and vegetation. Each student had a specific task in the program, in cooperation with local experts.   Interested? Read on!! Short diary of this wonderful experience […]

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Visit Romania
Jun 30th 2019

10 best places to visit in Romania – the country to discover!  

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Minister of Rural Affairs of Estonia acknowledged top rural economics graduates
Jun 28th 2019

Minister of Rural Affairs of Estonia, Mart Järvik acknowledged the best graduates of rural economics vocational schools, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the agriculture and rural economy field at the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology of Tallinn University of Technology during today’s reception at the Ministry. The reception was held for the 21st time. […]

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We like it SLOW!

EUROPEA-Polska is the leading partner of the ERASMUS+ KA2 project called: “Slow food – long life: lost traditions back to kitchen.” Some of the most important objectives of this lovely project are: to develop EU network for teaching and learning cooking traditions and slow food methods to collect lost recipes and make videos and photos […]

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International cooking competition in Freiberg/Germany
Jun 27th 2019

EUROPEA school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug hosted an international cooking competition on 17th June 2019. Seven teams, coming from the Polish partner vocational school in Pszczyna, the Czech partner vocational school in Podborany and from 2 vocational schools in Saxony were willing to cook creative dishes with minced meat within 2 hours. The jury consisted of teachers […]

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The charter of EUROPEA is…
Jun 25th 2019

The charter of EUROPEA is…  … a document where we lay out the mission, the vision and the values of EUROPEA. It could be our instrument for Public Relations.  During the meeting in Cluj-Napoca… … we turned our eyes into our own organization asking ourselves what values and “shining stars” WE want to find there, […]

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