Student competition and other activities
Feb 20th 2019

Student competition in theoretical and practical agricultural disciplines was held at Agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School in Benesov on 19th and 20th April 2018. 25 students of agricultural school from the Czech Republic compared their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in crop production, animal breeding, mechanization, economics and tractor driving as well. Agroolympics for elementary schools […]

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Education in the Czech Republic
Feb 18th 2019

National System of Occupations– description of occupations Responsible:   Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs National System of Qualifications(NSQ) – description of qualifications requirements Responsible: Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports National Institute of Vocational Education – Act on Recognition of Qualifications (2006-7)   System of Recognition of Qualifications National System of Qualifications ↓                                                                                            ↓ Complete […]

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Jakob and his NEWSLETTERS
Feb 17th 2019

EUROPEA (l’Europe de l’Enseignement Agricole), established at that famous meeting in Ettelbruck (LU) in January 1993, has always relied on the enthusiasm and voluntary work of people who believed in it. One of them was Jakob Kjaer (DK), who created and edited the EUROPEA Newsletters, the first channel of information within our association. Following his […]

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Local Agrolympics in Murcia, Spain
Feb 14th 2019

The Agriculture Council of the region of Murcia, Spain was delighted with the participation of the Spanish team in the last Agrolympics in Oporto, Portugal. So, they decided to organize a similar event to select the winning team that will represent Spain in the the next AGROLYMPICS in Poland. The event will take place on […]

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Cutting the Slava Bread in Serbia
Feb 13th 2019

From EUROPEA School “Sumatovac” in Aleksinac, Serbia  On Sunday January 27th 2019 we had a great reason to be in school. It was Saint Sava’s Day !! Saint Sava is considered to be the patron saint of education and all the schools in Serbia celebrate this day. Known as The Enlightener, he was one of […]

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What’s your superpower?
Feb 12th 2019

Meet the members of the EUROPEA Editorial Group! Have you ever wondered who delivers the EUROPEA news, writes or publishes the EUROPEA articles ?? Now you have the chance to see the faces behind the posts and meet the EUROPEA editors ! Just watch this short video and get to know the dream team of […]

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Agriculture in the Czech Republic
Feb 11th 2019

Intro   Agricultural production is one of the traditional industries of the national economy. The share of agriculture (together with forestry) in gross added value in the national economy is now coming closer to the average for the countries of the European Fifteen. Land Agricultural entrepreneurs now farm around half (54 %) of the total […]

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Romania is waiting for you!
Feb 8th 2019

Romania is hosting the General Assembly of EUROPEA for the first time! by Rita Alves & Elisabeth Hönigsberger Romania is the country which holds the European presidency in the first half of 2019. Between 23rd and 26th of April EUROPEA will meet in Cluj Napoca, the cultural capital of Transilvania Romenia, under the topic “The […]

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New Year´s barbecue at Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug/Germany
Feb 7th 2019

At the beginning of February all students and teachers met in the big auditorium für our traditional New Year´s barbecue. Two years ago it was organized for the first time (as a Christmas barbecue) to provide some time for a coming together of students and teachers. Besides the barbecue, the “older ” students prepared several, […]

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Looking back…

REMEMBER THE EUROPEA MEETING IN MAY 2009 EUROPEA Czech Republic hosted delegates, teachers and students from 24 European countries during the EUROPEA meeting in May 2009. The meeting was hold at Golf Konopiště Resort. One part of the meeting was three student competitions: championship in floristic, agricultural skills and fishing. The main topic of the […]

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Entering EUROPEA International
Feb 2nd 2019

In 2003 commenced Agricultural College and Agricultural secondary school in Benesov negotiation with organization EUROPEA International about entering of the Czech Republic into this organisation. The result of these negotiations was receiving of our republic on 5 October 2005 for a proper member of this association. In the same year was founded EUROPEA CZECH REPUBLIC […]

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