Christmas in Europe
Dec 9th 2018

Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry Ltd organises the 27th Christmas in Europe Christmas in Europe is an annual international event in which the countries of the European cultural heritage meet and experience old Christmas and other festive and everyday traditions. The event is organised by the international organisation AEHT (European Association of […]

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Dec 6th 2018

EUROPEA 25 years on one picture! Click on the picture and look what will happen ūüėČ

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Culinary Heritage Centres
Dec 5th 2018

Culinary Heritage Centres – Participation in the European Culinary Heritage Organisation – A Gift for the¬†100th¬†Anniversary of Latvia!   The year 2018 is the 100th anniversary of Latvia. Latvia celebrated its 100th anniversary on November 18, 2018. It is common to receive gifts on such occasions. Latvian vocational education institutions also prepared a present for […]

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Dec 3rd 2018

Key information Destination:¬†one of the three Baltic States, situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, between Estoniaand Lithuania. The country is also bordered by Russia¬†and Belarus, and it shares maritime borders with Sweden. Area:¬†64,589 km¬≤, it’s mostly flat landscape offers a mix of beaches, rivers, lakes, marshes and forests. There are four major […]

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No walls in education

EUROPEA Austria meets University College EUROPEA Austria, in cooperation with the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, organised “Treffpunkt Hochschule” (meeting point: university college) and asked the question: “How much Europe does our green – agricultural VET need?” Almost 60 teachers, principals, students and staff representatives from all 9 provinces participated in this event […]

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Walk & Talk in Retz
Dec 2nd 2018

Flashback to EUROPEA autumn seminar, to Retz, Austria. Workshop “Walk & Talk – getting to know projects and outcomes”. Let’s look back to posters! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Bakery days in Serbia

The Slava Bread Every autumn, Agricultural School “҆umatovac” from Aleksinac, Serbia organizes an event called “Bakery Days”. It normally lasts for three days and people from all over Serbia and the neighbouring countries come to see the competition for the best ornamented “Slava Bread”. It is a traditional kind of bread made especially for the […]

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The Slovak national meal is…
Nov 28th 2018

Slovakia ‚Äď the Slovak national meal ‚ÄúBryndzov√© haluŇ°ky‚ÄĚ The traditional basic components of the Slovak diet have always been and still are milk, potatoes and cabbage. The Slovak national meal is bryndzov√© haluŇ°ky, which means for the Slovaks the same as sushi for the Japanese or pizza for the Italians. This Slovak national meal consists […]

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Brand new machinery hall opened!
Nov 26th 2018

On 20th of November 2018, the new¬†machinery repair and maintenance hall was opened at Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics (EE). The hall has an area of 1 350 m2. It holds a large part of the school’s modern agricultural machinery. One part is meant for teaching, related to reparation and maintenance of agricultural […]

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Go with the Flow
Nov 25th 2018

From phones, faxes and newsletters to the internet and SN sites   Have you ever wondered how the founders of our network managed to communicate 25 years ago without smart phones, laptops or the Internet? Although they would still have phones and faxes, they swiftly established their very own channel that would assure the flow […]

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National passion of Slovaks
Nov 24th 2018

National passion of Slovaks   Mushroom picking is a national passion. It is a popular activity in Slovakia. A widely practiced spring, summer, and fall activity for Slovaks of all ages is picking mushrooms. The most popular are ‚Äúdub√°ky (Boletus reticulatus)‚ÄĚ mushroom. Everyone knows¬†‚Äúdub√°ky‚Ä̬†in Slovakia.   M√°ria M√ļdra EUROPEA Slovakia

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