New platform for green schools in Austria launched!
May 7th 2019

Need to find an Austrian training institution in the green sector? The Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism has recently launched a new platform called It provides an overview of all agricultural schools in Austria, covering all levels from vocational training to university and shows you the exact location of the school. General information […]

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EUROPEA Wine Championship
May 4th 2019

This year the 14th EUROPEA Championship took place in Luxemburg (near Schengen) between 23rd and 25th of April. 32 Teams of 12 different countries were registered. The opening ceremony was hold at the VALENTINY FOUNDATION in Remerschen. The different competitions were: vine growing, wine making and wine tasting. Besides the competitions the participants had the possibilities to visit the museum of […]

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Greetings from Norway
May 3rd 2019

Today the pictures and the article about the month of the member state – NORWAY! –  are coming to you from Mære Agricultural College! This EUROPEA school is situated in the middle of Norway, 100 km north of Trondheim. In Mære students of the 3rd grade are in charge of spring farming, so Kristine, Julie, […]

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Education in Norway
May 2nd 2019

Education in Norway is mandatory for all children from the age of 6 to the age of 16. Upper secondary education is not mandatory, but all young people have a right to attend 3 years in upper secondary school. The overview in the end of this article gives you an idea of the structure at […]

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May is in Norwegian colors
May 1st 2019

May is in Norwegian colors

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Belgians and genetics vol 4
Apr 30th 2019

In 1987 two Belgian professors, Marc Van Montagu and Jeff Schell, for the first time ever realized genetically manipulated insect-resistant (tobacco) plants by incorporating genes that produced insecticidal proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). Immediately the gate was opened for the most bizarre plant creations, but also for more efficient plant production. The rest is part […]

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Belgians and genetics vol 3
Apr 29th 2019

In the past, draft horses were extremely important for agriculture. The Belgians have also left their mark in this area by developing a very robust draft horse. Around the beginning twentieth century, a very large export of Belgian draft horses came about. Similarly to the United States and Canada where these horses are still used […]

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Belgians and genetics vol 2
Apr 28th 2019

Another ‘bodybuilder’, the ‘Swarzenegger’ among the pigs is the ‘Piétrain’ pig. This variety has a number of characteristics that are valued worldwide in pig production: – Slaughter efficiency of 65% – Carcass efficiency of 83% – Extremely low fat content of 1.5% Because of these qualities Piétrain bears are used worldwide as terminal sires in […]

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Belgians and genetics ‘The Belgian Blue’.
Apr 27th 2019

Belgians have always had something with genetics. Today we would like to introduce you to an extremely beef-bred cattle breed: the Belgian Blue Breed. Bulls of this breed weigh around 650 kg after 18 to 19 months! The Belgian Blue Breed has a number of benefits that can count: The feed conversion rate (kg or […]

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TOGETHER in Romania!
Apr 24th 2019

24th April 2019 – Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania   The EUROPEA Spring Seminar is on !! First morning starts with key note speeches and then we will continue the afternoon with small group discussions about projects, challenges and possibilities !! Get involved !! It is nice to be TOGETHER again 🙂   For more details and […]

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Belgians and their beer
Apr 21st 2019

Although Belgians are not the biggest beer drinkers in Europe, they are still known as beer brewers. Belgium is rich in some large breweries, but since about twenty years the house breweries have mushroomed, so the diversity of beers has risen sharply and every list of Belgian beers is immediately out of date. It is […]

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Happy Easter Holidays
Apr 19th 2019

EUROPEA wishes you Happy Easter 2019 !! Video by Katrin (EE) 🙂 Featured image: Pixabay Free Images

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