DIGITALIS – a helping hand!
May 20th 2020

DIGITALIS – a helping hand! Searching for a good video you can use in your lessons? And then the video is too long or you want to add comments to support the learning of your students? You have a good idea and want to make a comic? You look for tools (digital of course!) you […]

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Cultural Regeneration
Apr 30th 2020

Project Cultural Regeneration: Heritage of Future Generations This Erasmus + partnership project was created by seven partners from France, Italy, Estonia, Poland, Greece and Spain who are involved in vocational education and training. Staff members, students and learners developed competences to work with cultural heritage. Learn more: click to their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page   […]

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Apr 23rd 2020

Project description With DIGITALIS (named after Digitalis purpurea, the foxglove, a medicinal or poisonous plant, depends from the dose) we want to create a foundation to a European collaboration which assists school, teachers and students in adopting the digitalisation in their vocational education and training. Seminars and a collection of guidelines should improve the competences of the teachers and help the schools in […]

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Rudi Weiss
Apr 18th 2020

How are you? How are you doing? Such questions must have been often heard by all of us every day for the last weeks. These questions made me again aware of another one. Which roles are we playing in life? We all fulfil many different ‘roles’; a parent, a child, a sibling, a partner in […]

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Flashback to…
Apr 3rd 2020

Let’s look back to the EUROPEA seminar hosted by France and UK! Here is the presentation about agriculture on Guernsey, which brings back happy memories and makes you smile. Enjoy!     Many thanks Charlie for sharing! 🙂  

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Apr 1st 2020

Sad news from EUROPEA-Slovakia:   Our dear colleague and friend, Mr Jan Horvath passed away at the age of 83 (28/03/2020). He was one of the founding members of EUROPEA Slovakia. He devoted all his live to education, training and management of work in secondary agricultural schools.He was very active in publishing as an author […]

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Our School Today – Tomorrow
Mar 31st 2020

In our school there are currently 372 pupils in 15 classes and the pupils are being educated for the following occupations: technician of agriculture, technician of food-processing, veterinary technician, technician of horticulture, technician of biotechnology, baker and operator-mechanic of agricultural machinery. The pupils are being educated by motivated teachers, proficient in their subjects. Apart from […]

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EUROPEA in Smederevo, Serbia

Textile-technological and Agricultural School “ Despot Djuradj” from Smederevo (SR), educates students in six educational profiles in fields of agriculture, food production and food processing. Their students acquire knowledge and skills by carrying out classes at the school workshops, school economics and in companies in Smederevo or in the nearby settlements. Acknowledgements: many thanks to […]

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Project TSCFP going strong
Mar 29th 2020

On the Trail of a Sustainable Community in Food Production During the Erasmus+ KA2 project “On the trail of a sustainable community in food production” 6 schools from Spain, Slovenia, Italy and Denmark have worked on different aspect of food production. The students studied water resources, biodiversity, zero-miles food and waste. Our last meeting in […]

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Suddenly it happened – home schooling
Mar 27th 2020

The new normal author: Martina Fichtenbauer, LFS Krems (Austria) Today, in keeping up with the spring-like weather, there is a little insight into the work that our students at LFS Unterleiten (Austria) are diligently doing during “home schooling”. The task in the subject technical drawing (which includes practicing drafting for a customer conversation) was to […]

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First International Young Bakers’ Festival
Mar 25th 2020

It was a great pleasure to be a visitor of The First International Young Bakers’ Festival in Niš, the second biggest town in Serbia.  Public authorities, Bakers’ Union and Food Processing and Chemistry School from Niš united in the mission of promoting bakers’ products and achievements of pupils from Serbian and European Schools.  Schools from […]

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“Smart Housekeeping is Climate Protection” says the FOX!
Mar 17th 2020

17 goals for a better world by Martina Fichtenbauer, LFS Unterleiten It all started with a two-week project titled “Smart Housekeeping is Climate Protection”. When looking at the results, it quickly became clear that everything we can do to protect our climate is also a step towards the 17 goals for a better world formulated […]

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