Did you know…? vol 7
Nov 19th 2019

Did you know… Eating fries while improving the Dutch soil. It’s possible! Nature-inclusive and large-scale, good for soil and farmers? FoodUp! Brabant and precision farmer Jacob van den Borne launch the Fries Precise. Have a taste of our delicious fries made from potato, sweet potato and parsnip. Grown on a colorful field in alternating patches […]

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Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Life: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

We are reaching the final stretch of drawing up the development plan that will guide Estonia’s agriculture and fisheries sector until the year 2030. 13th of November a conference “Agricultre, Fisheries and Rural Life: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” took place in Tallinn (EE), organised by the Ministry of Rural Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry […]

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Nov 18th 2019

Luua Forestry School has expanded its partners network! New experience and new cooperation, not only with Belarus, but also with Russia and already friends with Baltic States 🙂 Just 11th to 14th of November 2019 the forestry competition took place Polotsk State Forestry College in Belarus. It was the first forestry competition in Polotsk. Ten teams […]

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Did you know…? vol 6

Did you know… Dutch student-teachers active in EUROPEA schools Six teacher training students from Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen (previously known as Stoas) taught for two weeks in EUROPEA schools, mid-October 2019. Two students went to Austria to teach in Fachschule Kobenz (supervised by Peter Prietl). Another pair of students went to Italy […]

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Seminar in Finland – What’s the next step?
Nov 16th 2019

17-20 September 2019, Jyväskylä, Finland   EUROPEA Seminar: “Our Common Environment” Only about a couple of months ago 80 participants from 20 European countries came to Jyväskylä, Finland and they had a good reason for that: the bi-annual meeting of the EUROPEA-International! The topic of the seminar was “Our Common Environment” and this topic was […]

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Did you know…? vol 5
Nov 14th 2019

Did you know…? ‘Farming for the Future: why the Netherlands is the 2nd largest food exporter in the world’ The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural and food products, thanks to its innovative agrifood technology. The Dutch agrifood sector is a sustainable source of healthy, safe food that is produced with […]

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Did you know… vol 4
Nov 13th 2019

Did you know? Urban transfarming: the world’s first floating farm

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More from Belgium: ERASMUS experience !
Nov 12th 2019

Here you have a story of a Belgian student on an ERASMUS project in The Netherlands: “Hello, I am Axelle Vanden Berghe, 18 years young and in my final year of biotechnical sciences at the VABI Roeselare I took a course “Urban Agriculture“. In this course the question was asked “What will agriculture look like […]

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Did you know… vol 3
Nov 9th 2019

Did you know…? Getting from A to bee: environmentally-friendly bus stops with green rooftops Read the article HERE.      

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Saint Martin’s Goose – Guten Appetit!
Nov 8th 2019

Roast goose with red cabbage and dumplings A mouth-watering report from LLA Rotholz in Tyrol, Austria by Roswitha Schranzhofer Just outside in the fields … cackling and looking for food with the other geese … and now in our kitchen. It is just the time for it. The 11th November is Saint Martin’s Day and […]

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Did you know… vol 2

Did you know…? Utrecht is now home of the world’s largest multistorey bike parking garage and the busiest cycle path in the country! Read the article HERE. Photos HERE.

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News from Belgium: Europom!
Nov 5th 2019

Alden Biesen Castle, Rijkhoven, Belgium 19-20 October 2019 The National Orchards Foundation held its annual exhibition on old and newer varieties of fruit kinds on 19 and 20 October in a great historical environment, the castle of Alden Biezen. This year it was in collaboration with pomological circles from other countries and that is why […]

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