News from Ireland
Nov 18th 2021

Teagasc educational programmes here in Ireland have returned to normal delivery in accordance with Covid19 protocols. It has been a challenging time for both students and staff but there has been great co-operation and adherence to public health guidelines. The QQI Level 5 Certificate in Agriculture students have recently started the first block of their […]

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HU and DK: Growing Experiences TOGETHER!
Nov 13th 2021

The cooperation within EUROPEA between Green Academy, Aarhus (DK) and KMASZC, Budapest (HU) is quite unique. They started “growing experiences” together almost ten years ago! With the help of ERASMUS+ framework today there are several programmes that Hungarian students can choose from in order to develop their professional skills in Denmark. × two long-term courses […]

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Digitalis and modern production technology in an open classroom
Nov 5th 2021

At Räpina School of Horticulture (EE), students study the cultivation of herbs on the shelves of Click & Grow in an open classroom. The idea of an open classroom was developed by gardening teachers Anu Käär and Katrin Uurman. The sitting boxes in the classroom were built by landscaping students under the guidance of teacher […]

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Nov 2nd 2021

The new campaign on the EUROPEA website! From November 2021 we would like to show you the greatest experiences, the best journeys and the widest smiles! All of them owing to some enthusiastic colleagues, our EUROPEA network and carried out with a “little” help of ERASMUS funding! How do we “grow experiences”?  We do our […]

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Hands on experience in Ireland or Iceland
Oct 31st 2021

In the weeks 42-44 Dalum Landbrugsskole has 34 agricultural students aged 16-17 experiencing the culture, language and working life in Ireland and on Iceland. The students live at farms across the countries where they are a part of a family or the working team. The first-year students get to manage horses, sheep or cows and […]

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Inspiring trip to France
Oct 28th 2021

Inspiring trip to France – two Danish teachers return with a lot of inspiration 🙂   Bent Laier and Mogens Toft from North Jutlands Agricultural School, visited France to investigate what challenges French farmers have in relation to the subject, production, sales, sustainability, and local conditions. What did they learn? The love for “the meal” […]

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Erasmus+ offers mobility and cooperation opportunities!
Oct 26th 2021

  Teachers from Green Academy Aarhus in Denmark with close collaboration with 12 teachers and 42 students from WorldSkills Romania  have been working on a Good Pollinators and Green Walls courses as a part of EPLUG project (Erasmus+ Key Action 3). Their stay was financed by Erasmus+ Key Action 1. The students had completed their assignment very well. They build different insects hotels by using renewable […]

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Experimental potato cultivation in Romania
Oct 24th 2021

The LTA” Tamási Áron” Bors school is located in Romania, close to the Hungarian border. Agricultural vocational education has been operating at the school for more than ten years.  This year, our school created an experimental potato plot in a joint project with an Oradea company.   We planted three varieties of French potatoes, which […]

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Students gain experience
Oct 17th 2021

Our students of 4th class attended the Secondary Vocational School of Agriculture and Rural Services in the Tokaj Wine Region, in the village Viničky for a week. These students and teachers were shown, toured and involved in running of several wineries, such as Tokaj & Co, Chateau GRAND BARI, Víno Ostrožovič and took part in […]

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SWITZERLAND – magnificent !!

Geneva/Delémont, 21-25 September 2021   This September the EUROPEAns met in Switzerland for the regular Autumn Seminar. Meeting started in Geneva – the lovely, vibrant city we all know by its famous lake – and on the first working day we were hosted by the beautiful Green VET Training Centre in Lullier. The programme included […]

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Flower arranging competition Victoria Regia in Piestany, Slovakia
Oct 14th 2021

Flower arranging competition Victoria Regia in Piestany, Slovakia September 23, 2021   Victoria Regia is the competition of students of secondary horticulture schools, vocational schools and professional florists. This competition is the largest floral event in Slovakia. It was 28st annual flower arranging competition. The central theme of the competition was “Meeting of Friends”. Students of secondary […]

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HUNGARY and ESTONIA together on the rostrum!
Oct 3rd 2021

EuroSkills Final Ceremony, Graz, Austria Sunday, 26th September 2021  This year’s EuroSkills competition was held in Austria and – as usual – many of our EUROPEA member schools took part in it. One of the most heart-waring stories comes from the landscaping field as KMASZC Varga Márton (Bupadest, HU) and Räpina School of Horticulture (Räpina, […]

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