Stereotypes Cartesclichesue 2

Austria – stereotypes versus national treasures

October 1, 2018
By: Katrin Uurman

Text by Elisabeth Hönigsberger


Soon you will be coming to Austria – but, what do you know about this country? We definitely have no kangaroos, well maybe in a zoo. And not everybody is skiing! And, the blue Danube is – unfortunately – not blue although the water quality is very high.

What is there to know as a start? So put your heads together and find out.  This poster should help you a bit!

Do you recognise the people depicted?
Can you name the shown buildings?
And why is there a saltshaker, a couch or a roll in the picture?

This picture is taken from the brochure “United in diversity” – an outcome of a Leonardo da Vinci project.




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