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In Estonia Autumn arrived with Ploughing Contest!

September 24, 2018
By: Katrin Uurman

This year autumn arrived to Olustvere (EE) with 14th International Youth Ploughing Contest.

33 students from 10 European countries gathered in Olustvere (EE) to take part in an annual Ploughing Party. Austria, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia, UK, Ukraine and Estonia were represented.

The contest took part in 21.-22. September 2018. On the first day, rules were introduced and trained until the darkness covered the land.

On the second day, early morning the opening ceremony started with the march of the participants in front of the audience. After opening speeches first round of competition could start. Tractors were started and followed to the chief referee. The chief referee led all participants to the plots. The judge’s bus followed by observing that everyone would arrive at the right plot. After the green flag arrived, the work started! Every participant had to plough a predetermined plot. After lunchtime, the second round started with ploughing.

At the end of the day, winners were announced and rewarded.
There were two categories – national category and international category.

In national category results where as follows:

1st place Mark-Hubert Heil with 180,5 points,
2nd position Andres Tamm with 170 points,
3rd position Keit Uusen with 162 points.

In the international category results where as follows:

1st Ernsts Mozga from Priekulu Tehnikums (LV) with 144,5 points,
2nd position Normunds Kampe from Priekulu Tehnikums (LV) with 139,5 points,
3rd position Christian Zimmer from Lycée Technique Agricole Ettelbruck (LU) with 134 points.

The chief referee summarized the contest with following words – During the contest we saw very good ploughing and all possible mistakes a ploughman can do. The event was a very good example of the learning and teaching process. 

Congratulations to winners and all participants!


The International Youth Ploughing Competition is organized by cooperation of Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics and EUROPEA Estonia. The contest is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs.


More photos by Sandra Urvak


Katrin Uurman

Source: Press release.”Rahvusvahelise koolinoorte künnivõistluse võit jäi Eestisse”.

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