Bakery days in Serbia
Dec 02nd 2018

The Slava Bread

Every autumn, Agricultural School “Šumatovac” from Aleksinac, Serbia organizes an event called “Bakery Days”.

It normally lasts for three days and people from all over Serbia and the neighbouring countries come to see the competition for the best ornamented “Slava Bread”. It is a traditional kind of bread made especially for the celebration of the Saint Patron’s Day when Serbian families gather together with their friends and relatives in the name of their Saint Protector.

The pictures you can see here were taken this October and they represent just one small bit of everything that is going on during Bakery Days.

Everyone is welcome to join the fun next October in Aleksinac, just contact our school and we will be happy to have you here!


By Valentina Milosevic, EUROPEA-Serbia