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Belgian savoury dishes

April 17, 2019
By: Muriel Leclercq | Katrin Uurman

From fries to “filet américain”, here are some of our culinary salty specialities

Not French! Taste the difference…

Grey shrimp croquettes
Fished along the North Sea, eaten all over the country

Asparagus, Flemish Style
Best to be eaten between the end of March and the end of June.
A typical spring starter.

Mussels “Mariniére”
Typical Belgian cooking with mussels coming from The Netherlands…
A perfect European dish.

Choose between fish or chicken for this stew or taste both!

Flemish stew
Beef and Belgian beer, the perfect mix!

Chicon au gratin
Chicon – endive: different words, same vegetable. With ham and cheese: the right association.

Filet Américain
“Filet américain” a Belgian expression for “steak tartare”.


Want to discover or taste more? Spend some time in Belgium!


Longer article by Muriel Leclercq “Belgian savoury dishes”

Photos: Pixabay and Wikipedia

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