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Belgians and genetics ‘The Belgian Blue’.

April 27, 2019
By: René Creemers | Katrin Uurman

Belgians have always had something with genetics.

Today we would like to introduce you to an extremely beef-bred cattle breed: the Belgian Blue Breed. Bulls of this breed weigh around 650 kg after 18 to 19 months!

The Belgian Blue Breed has a number of benefits that can count:

  • The feed conversion rate (kg or feed by kg growth) is systematically better with the Belgian Blue. This cattle consumes less and transforms more efficiently
  • Very high daily growth (for connoisseurs: between 7 and 13 months 1.6 kg per day)
  • A slaughter yield of at least 70% which is extremely high
  • Extremely lean meat with a dense texture
  • Of all beef breeds this breed has the least fat (2 to 3 times less fat than another breed)
  • The Belgian Blue has the most unsaturated fatty acids of all cattle breeds
  • The white-blue of Belgium has the lowest ecological footprint of all cattle breeds
  • The meat is very tender because of the finer fibers and lower percentage of tough connective tissue. Belgian Blue meats require about 1/3 less cooking time than standard beef.

Today the Belgian Blue is used worldwide to improve local bovins in meat production.

Photo: Association Wallonne de L’elevage
Photo: Association Wallonne de L’elevage
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