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Brief HISTORY of EUROPEA’s AgroChallenge

August 15, 2023
By: Judit Čović

How it all started

For quite a while Georges Krack (one of the founding fathers of EUROPEA) cherished a dream to bring together Green VET students of Europe for a spectacular competition in various “agricultural” disciplines. With the help of his enthusiastic team of colleagues, parents and farmers, he managed to realise his idea, and the very first event, named AGROLYMPICS was held in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg in November 2015.

Luxembourg, 2015

Uncertain future

It was a great success; however, the future of the competition was not safe. It required a lot of time, money, energy and effort so in the next couple of years there was a big silence about it.

Then in 2017, the freshly reorganised EUROPEA-Germany and its coordinator, Gerd Alscher took up the task and AGROLYMPICS was alive again! Nevertheless, it was not until January 2018 that the brave little team of EUROPEA-Portugal announced that they would be ready in August same year (!) to host the 3rd games. Following the Portugal event, it was decided that each team has to have at least one lady member enabling girls to join in.

Germany 2017, Portugal 2018, Poland 2019

Ups and downs

From then on, EUROPEA members started to get really involved: Poland organised the 2019 games, Estonia came in for 2020, Netherlands for 2021, Austria for 2022 and Slovakia 2023. Sadly, the events of 2020 and 2021 had to be cancelled because of COVID-19.

AGROLYMPICS to AgroChallenge

Meanwhile, the EUROPEA leaders received a word from the International Olympic Committee asking for a name change for copyright purposes. That is how AGROLYMPICS became AgroChallenge.

Austria 2022

Back on track

2022 put this great event back on the calendar, as last year Austria organised a wonderful event in picturesque Litzelhof. And right now, Green VET students from all over the continent are in Nitra, Slovakia for the 6th edition of this great competition! The show will move to Estonia in 2024 and to the Netherlands in 2025.

We are the champions

Below you have the list of winners of AgroChallenge (AGROLYMPICS):

  • LU 2015 Luxembourg
  • DE 2017 Switzerland
  • PT 2018 Portugal
  • PL 2019 Poland
  • AT 2022 Luxembourg
  • SK 2023               ??


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Pictures: from EUROPEA Editorial Group archaives

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