Changing of the Guard in Belgium, Estonia and Sweden

April 28, 2015
By: Henrik Dethlefsen

Springtime is time for the annual general assembly in many of our national EUROPEA associations. As part of the process, the positions as national EUROPEA president, board member and National Coordinator may change. This is also the case in 2015, where we have received the following messages:

Following the untimely passing of Joël Gillet, former president of EUROPEA-Belgium, the General Assembly 2015 has elected André Parfonry as new president. At the same time, the Assembly has elected René Creemers as new National Coordinator with Muriel Leclercq and Geert Chys as his Vice Coordinators. The former NC, Georges Demeester, will be available for the board of EUROPEA-Belgium as a temporary CEO until further notice.

In Estonia, Katrin Uurman of Räpina School of Agriculture has taken over the position of National Coordinator from Haana Zuba-Reinsalu of Luua Forestry School. Katrin is also one of our technical advisers running the EUROPEA website.

In Sweden, EUROPEA work is placed under the umbrella of Naturbruksskolornas Förening (Association of Natural Resources’ Schools). The function of National Coordinator for EUROPEA-Sweden is traditionally among the responsibilities of NF’s chairman, a position that for many years has been taken care of by Claes-Göran Claesson. At its last annual meeting, the NF has elected Bo Wiberg as its new chairman and – consequently – as the new NC of EUROPEA-Sweden.


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