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Danish-Hungarian Cooperation

December 31, 2015
By: Judit Čović

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14-17 December 2015, Budapest (HU)


Alone – one goes faster. TOGETHER we’ll go further.”

EUROPEA has always provided a great platform for its members to work together and assure a better quality of VET in European Green Schools. The following is just one more example of how far we can go together:

“FM KASZK in Hungary and the Green Academy in Aarhus, Denmark, have agreed that they will try to build a 10-week practice-based training program for 20 Hungarian horticultural students at EQF level 3 and 4. The program will commence from August 2016 and is to be implemented on an annual basis. The program is a product of many fruitful contacts and collaborative experiences of the two schools. Recently, they were both partners in the Leonardo da Vinci-funded project EBBEY – Entering the Bio-based Economy.


In October 2015 a 2-week pilot project involving 5 Hungarian students and one accompanying teacher was carried out at the Green Academy and 14 – 17 December this year, a Danish group paid a visit to FM KASZK and visited 3 of its schools in the Budapest area. The new programme will be based on ECVET principles and focus mainly on landscaping techniques, architecture, construction and maintenance for which the Green Academy is extremely well-suited because of its numerous practical training facilities and modern equipment. The Hungarian students bring with them to Denmark solid theoretical knowledge acquired at their home school as well as a great desire for practice-based learning.”

Written by Henrik Dethlefsen, SG

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Acknowledgements: thanks a lot to our Danish colleagues Henrik, Peter and Peder 🙂

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