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Day of the Circular Economy in Räpina (EE)

November 22, 2022
By: Aigi Salundi-Galitsin | Katrin Uurman

Last week (14.-18.11.2022) in Räpina School of Horticulture (EE) was dedicated to the circular economy.  The main event took place on 17th of November and carried out by Mayri Tiido (Materjalivoog OÜ).

The day started by mapping out general knowledge and attitudes: we talked about what a miracle this circular economy is and all about and why it is needed. Students were actively involved in the discussion and activities. We talked about consumption models and gave many examples of companies for whom the circular economy is already a way of thinking and acting.  

On the second half of the day, we discussed about design thinking and circular design. Students were able to choose a suitable item for themselves and design it on paper so that the item would follow the essence of the circular design. All students had opportunity to introduce their circular design idea to others. 

The day of the circular economy ended with the crafting of a “garbage wall”. Students had brought various packages as leftovers with from consumption. Information about how much time it takes for a given item/material to decompose in nature was added to the packages. Finally, we analysed which type of waste the item brought with us could fit into and whether it could be used in some other way. The completed work was taken to the hallway of the school building for others to explore. 

The circular economy day was engaging and full of information. It sparked a lot of thoughts about how everyone could “do” something in this area by themselves. Change begins from us! 


Text and photos: Aigi Salundi-Galitsin


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