Did you know…? vol 10
Nov 25th 2019

Did you know…?
How to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds

First and second-year students of Terra MBO are going to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds in the context of circular agriculture and the circular economy. A sea container was placed on the Terra MBO Emmen site last week for this.

Growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds, is that possible? “Yes, it is. The coffee grounds serve as a breeding ground for the oyster mushrooms. These oyster mushrooms can be processed in all kinds of foods for their own consumption or for sale. The residual substance after harvesting the fungi can be used for fertilizing a vegetable garden or greenhouse, for example,” says Emiel Mensen, teacher Terra MBO.

Recycled agriculture and circular economy.

The aim of the project is primarily aimed at providing insight into recycle systems and sustainability in all sectors. In addition, students learn about fungi, growth processes and sustainable business. The students monitor the entire process and must perform various tasks. “For example, they need to contact companies to pick up the coffee grounds, arrange climate control, monitor the growth process and harvest,” says Emiel.