Did you know…?
Jul 07th 2018

Did you know that:

  • even being a tiny country appr. 300 km from west to east and 400 from south to north, the country has more than 8000 km of coastline (More coastline than South Africa) !!
  • everybody staying in Denmark have less than 50 km to travel, to go to the seaside.
  • 11 million of 15 million tourist overnight stays will be German tourists, searching for outdoor and seaside pleasure mainly at the west coast of Denmark.

Did you know about Danish agriculture that: 

  • animals are outnumbering the Danish human population by 3 times. 17 million><5,5 million !
  • 67% of the agricultural production is exported.
  • Danish agricultural export counts for 1/3 of the total European Agricultural export.


  • Carbon footprint (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) from Danish Livestock is among the lowest in the world.


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