Digitalis is not as toxic as it seems

Cause the pandemic situation the digitalisation is an everyday phenomenon in today’s vocational education. We say in Estonia quite often – Distance learning has come to stay. However, there is no way back. We all have to learn, adapt and move on.

Räpina School of Horticulture is a partner in an Erasmus+ project “Digitalis”. The project has led us to think through the purposeful use of various digital tools in teaching and to compile different materials. In the following presentation, you can see the idea and additional materials of a Learning Unit created by the Estonian team. The Learning Unit introduced on the last project seminar, which took place via Teams on 23-25 March.


The presentation (hit if you like to open it on separate window)


Team Estonia is thankful to Austrian colleagues for organising interesting and fruitful seminar


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA Estonia and Katrin 🙂


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