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Digitalisation – It no longer works without a strategy!

October 2, 2020
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

Report on New Digital Skills (1)

A recent report “New Digital Skills” by Alexandra Bröckl, Wolfgang Bliem for the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) dealt with the questions:

  • Which challenges had enterprises to face due to digitalisation?
  • Which competences are necessary to cope with these challenges?

The focus was put on five clusters:

  • construction
  • office management
  • commerce
  • production
  • tourism and wellness

Where is your strategy?

→    One conclusion: It no longer works without a strategy

The company experts agreed across all clusters:

Productive, holistic and, above all, sustainable digitisation only works if

a) digitalisation is seen as a process and

b) a strategy for this process is in place.

On the one hand, this is necessary for the (further) development of digital products and business models, but it also affects the employees and the way in which they can contribute to the digitalisation of the company.

Which challenges were encountered?

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Without an overall strategy that includes the employees in the transformation as well as the technologies, those problems arise that some companies have had to cope with in recent years:

  • Employees are not prepared for digitalisation and are affected by the introduction of new tools and systems taken by surprise; therefore, being overwhelmed and losing curiosity and motivation.
  • Sense and purpose of digitalisation of e.g. production steps, activities or communication channels were not adequately communicated. Employees see no sense or benefit and hardly use the tools and systems.
  • The tools and systems are not tailored to the skills levels and potential of the employees and are therefore used incorrectly or not at all. Expensive investments become neglected and ignored.
  • The tools and systems overwhelm groups of employees because they are too complex, not user-friendly and not practical.
  • Different IT systems and tools are purchased and used in the departments. Without any connection to the rest of the company, isolated solutions are created.

Would that be the same in the green sector?


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