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Dreaming is an incredibly enjoyable activity

November 7, 2023
By: Gerd Alscher
“Dreaming is an incredibly enjoyable activity. It’s even more exciting when we dream together, and if our shared dream becomes a reality, we couldn’t ask for anything more.”
In the EfVET magazine for VET professionals, you’ll discover an article about the journey of Denmark’s Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) within the European Platform for Urban Greening project. During the EfVET conference in Rhodes, Karolina Sikala, the regional captain of CoVE Denmark and international coordinator at Green Academy Denmark, shared insights on how to turn a big dream into a concrete experience of establishing a CoVE: “Our common dream in building the next NASA in the field of urban greening!”
You cEuropea 1an find this article on page 11 of the September edition:
 (Text and pics by Karolina)
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