Editorial Group to Hungary

December 21, 2023
By: Judit Čović

Traditionally, the EUROPEA editors get together before Christmas to discuss the experiences and make plans for the upcoming year. However, our super busy volunteers could not find a free date this December, so they decided to meet at the end of January 2024.

A new era in managing our web-spaces and advertising our network, its activities and benefits started with the meeting held in 2017 in Budapest, which laid the foundations of the currently operating Editorial Group. Our colleagues –  Judit (HU), Katrin (EE), Gerd (DE), Fons (LU) and Pedro (PT) –  are now returning to Hungary but this time they will go a bit further from the capital and pay a visit to the lovely Hungarian countryside.

They will be hosted by KMASzC Green VET Training Centre and its member school, Táncsics Mihály in Vác, a charming little town on the mighty river Danube. Being an educational and a religious centre of the region, Vác – with its busy cultural life, narrow cobblestoned streets, huge squares, great baroque buildings, beautiful parks and walkways –  is a popular destination visited frequently by very many tourists and holiday makers throughout the whole year.

Vác – one of the many lovely parks.

The meeting is scheduled for 28-31 January and we are looking forward to informing you about the new ideas, challenges and campaigns for 2024. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the editors at editors@europea.org . Everybody is welcome to contribute. Together we will go further!


Photo (Vác) and featured image (editors in Portugal, 2021): by Judit (HU) 🙂

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