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Editors to Freiberg!

December 30, 2019
By: juditcovic

4th-7th December 2019, Freiberg – Germany

Members of the EUROPEA Editorial Group held their annual meeting  during the first week of December getting together in Germany to discuss strategies and plans for the upcoming year. They have welcomed Fons (LU), the newest member of the team, who will be in charge of our new Instagram account.

The main topics of the meeting were managing and improving our existing web-spaces as well as opening new ones, covering the 2020 EUROPEA events, gathering ideas for a brand new PR workshop,  copyright and GDPR matters and next year’s EC elections. Also, our IT-wizzard, Katrin taught us a few setups and tricks, and showed us new tools for making our PR more colourful and more entertaining.

Stay with EUROPEA and get to know more !! The Report is almost done coming soon to TeamEngine 🙂

Acknowledgements: many thanks to Gerd (DE) and his school in Freiberg, Saxony for the great hospitality 🙂

Photos: by Fons (LU), Pedro (PT) and Judit (HU) 🙂


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