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Education in the Czech Republic

February 18, 2019
By: Monika Brozova | Katrin Uurman

National System of Occupations– description of occupations
Responsible:   Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

National System of Qualifications(NSQ) – description of qualifications requirements
Responsible: Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports

National Institute of Vocational Education
– Act on Recognition of Qualifications (2006-7)


System of Recognition of Qualifications

National System of Qualifications

↓                                                                                            ↓

Complete qualifications                                         Partial qualifications

↓                                                                                            ↓

Initial Education                                                          Life-long learning programmes, courses

(Framework Educational
School Educational Programmes)


NSQ serves as a register of complete and partial qualifications recognized in the CR.

Ability to perform specific occupation; usually corresponds to the particular education.
– complete qualification

Ability to perform specific activity or more activities at the labour market.

– partial qualification

Examinations according to the evaluation standards of the partial qualifications will be performed by

– authorized persons

Authorization to these persons is awarded by authorizing bodies (relevant Ministries)

Creation of the NSQ

  • creation of the proposals of the qualification and evaluation standards in the expert’s teams
  • discussions, assessment and modifications of the qualification and evaluation standards in the sectoral councils
  • evaluation and approval of the qualification and evaluation standards by the Ministry of Education and the authorized bodies

Czech Framework of Qualifications

Partial qualifications

Sections of occupational qualifications:25
Courses (programmes): 641
Agriculture and forestry: 64  (ranging from EQF 2 Helper of horses shoer to EQF 6 Advisor in agriculture specialized in plant protection)



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