Education of young winemakers in Modra

June 6, 2019
By: Monika Kisova | Katrin Uurman

Educational activities and competitions that complement the study of young winemakers in Modra

The old wine-growing town of Modra in the west part of Slovakia has been creating a background for the education of future winegrowers, winemakers and fruit makers at the Secondary Wine and Fruit Growing School. This school is the only one of its kind in Slovakia and currently offers the study of viticulture and fruit growing with a focus on sommelier, business and agro-tourism for those interested from all over Slovakia.

Students during their studies gain not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills by practicing in the school cellar, school vineyard and fruit orchard, but also working with important winemakers and fruit growers.

Many of these young people are willing to work on themselves and beyond their basic responsibilities, so the school encourages them to participate in various regional, national, or international competitions, or supports them in organisations of events directly at school premises.

The “Wine tasting of young winemakers” event has become a popular event in the region. This event the students have been preparing for the public at school for already 11 years. More than 500 samples of wines from Slovakia and Moravia are regularly presented. Often, they are wines produced by former school graduates or other important winemakers. Of course, wines from school cellar own production are the evergreen.

Every year, students present their skills at the “Golden Scissors” international competition in vine pruning and regularly achieve excellent ranks. In 2019, the school won the competition again, with graduate Martin Ševčovič.

Modra’s students are traditionally part of a competition of agricultural schools from all over Slovakia “Most agro boy, the most agro girl”. In both categories in this year’s semesters, they scored and ranked at the top. In the category of student start-ups, “The most agro idea”, the student Jozef Czako won.

Secondary school vocational professional activities also have a long tradition, and under the guidance of schoolteachers, the work of students from Modra is appreciated at regional and national competitions stages.

This year we need to mention the success of student Alžbeta Babiarová at the 20th International Junior Competition Young Sommelier 2019.

The school also supports activities opening the way for young people to the world. Regular language teaching is complemented by intensive English language learning course thanks to the ‘Educate Slovakia’ project. In 2019, German language teaching was also intensified through the “With Practice to Success” project “We speak German – professionally”.

Future winemakers Samuel Skovajsa and Vendelín Krasňanský tested their acquired language skills at the 14th European Wine Championship in Remerschen, Luxembourg. They represented Slovakia and competed with students from other 13 European countries in theoretical and practical disciplines focused on viticulture and winemaking. By their performance at the event, they made the school and the teachers who have prepared them very proud and they boast a beautiful 3rd place. Their success has strengthened the school’s reputation abroad.

However, the successes do not come by their own, but they are the result of the effort of the pupils, the dedication of the teachers devoting themselves to them and of course of the support of pupil’s families. Thanks to these efforts, we believe that viticulture, winemaking and fruit growing have a great future in Slovakia!

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