Effective communication is a building block of successful organizations!

December 2, 2021
By: Anders H. Nielsen | Katrin Uurman

EUROPEA Editorial Group (EG) is spending two workdays (1st and 2nd December) at the agricultural school in Petersberg, Fulda (Germany). Their work ensures that EUROPEA will continue to have strong platforms for efficient communication. I am attending for the first time, and I have learned a lot about the work of EG. So important work these colleagues are doing! I will now bring several important topics to the Executive Committee.

I repeat: Effective communication is a building block of successful organizations. So please never forget to help these great colleagues when they ask for input.

Thank you so much to Gerd (Germany), Pedro (Portugal), Katrin (Estonia), Fons (Luxembourg) – and of course Judit (Hungary) w ho were unfortunately not able to attend this meeting.

Photo and text: Anders Højlund Nielsen, EUROPEA Denmark

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