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July 13, 2019
By: juditcovic | Izabella Krencsey-Élő

Entrepreneur+: Development of Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies in Vocational Education and Training


The scope of the Entrepreneur+ project is to develop an IT application in support of the pedagogical methodology that combining online and offline tools, creating a cross-border network of schools and an inter-school network student aids the education of entrepreneurial skills and competencies in secondary vocational education and training.

The project is implemented with international cooperation of Ottó Herman Institute (project leader), Association for Common Goals, Association for Hargita County and Interregió Fórum Association.

The developed system helps blended-learning-based education, where students learn from pre-trained teachers using a support application on smartphones and tablets. As part of the project, after the creation of the IT application, the project participants are pilot tested in the 3-3 secondary vocational training institutions and 27-27 students of the participating regions.

The e-curriculum uses the common language and visual world of generation Z, which brings the curriculum closer to the students, makes it easier to address them. The program also provides training for the teachers using the application, supporting them in a sort of methodological update.

From a technical and professional point of view, the project builds on coordinated workshops for pedagogical experts, curriculum development experts and design/creative work.

Our goal is to achieve the following results by the end of the project:

– improve students’ learning motivation,

– develop students’ entrepreneurial skills and competencies,

– prevention of burn-out of participating teachers achieved through the implementation of the new education method,

– promotion of digital and adaptive education in schools.

The project is in the pilot-education phase at the moment (July 2019). Dissemination of project results will be carried out by organisation of professional events, conferences, social and traditional media and direct online methods.


The Entrepreneur+ webpage is available: HERE.

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