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EPLUG: Schools and Companies Should Work Together

August 8, 2021
By: Karolina Sikala | juditcovic

Biodiversity course as a part of EPLUG project

Why was the cooperation between school and company important?

Over the past few weeks, staff from Green Academy Aarhus have been working together with OK Nygaard employees on a biodiversity course. The first course took place 2nd of June 2021.

We can’t stress enough to importance of cooperation between partners for the common success. The first video is an interview on the topic with Jakob Arler from OK Nygaard. We discussed different aspects of our cooperation and how imperative it is, that we keep each other aware of potential blind spots, when we create curricula for the courses that will educate the landscapers of tomorrow.

The second video is an interview with teachers that were involved in the course making.  

The third video is an interview with OK Nygaard employees, about their first impression of the course.

Please visit our website:—biodiversity-course-jointly-developed-by-education-provider-and-company


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Denmark and Karolina 🙂

Photo and links: from Karolina (DK)

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